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Prayer Requests-

Pray for the newly elected EBWU executive committee at Hanover Conference 30 May-2 June, 2013.

Pray for Estonia’s new leader Talvi Helde.

Pray for Poland’s new leader Klaudia Wiazowska.

For Christians in Syria, who are suffering from the circumstances there

For Lebanon overwhelmed with Syrian refugees. Churches are taking care with food, clothes etc. but Lebanon also has a lack of everything, and is much stretched affected by the poor economy and unemployment, by their history and present global crisis. Pray for more believers to help with the refugees.

For EBF president Hans Guderian, who is suffering from heart problems.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide calls for international action to pressure the Burmese Government to stop attacks in Kachin State. The Burmese Army has been conducting a military offensive against the Kachin since June 2011, breaking a ceasefire that had lasted for 17 years. Over 100,000 civilians have been internally displaced since the war began, and the Burmese Army has been accused of grave human rights violations, including rape, torture, destruction of villages, looting and desecration of churches, and killing civilians.

For our sister Blooming Night as she is in Burma helping to work on the peace process - 

For Mai-Britt Vehkaoja from Finland, who has been forced to resign from exercising her role within the women’s work because of serious health problems at the moment. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the new contact person for the Swedish speaking Baptist women in Finland: Ulla-May Sjöblom, Rävgatan 6 FI-65350 Vasa Finland - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For the Middle East countries and all our brothers and sisters, for peace and encouragement in very difficult circumstances.

For the Children’s Health Care Center, “Zhemchuzhinka” (Tsjernobyl camps), Kobrin, Belarus, for summer camps in 2013.

For the children’s work, Diamond Centre in Poland.

For the relatives of the former president of the Lebanese Baptist Women: sister Hannah Khalef, Lebanon who passed away in October 2012.

For Latvia’s Baptist President, Peteris Sprogis , his wife and two daughters 6 and 1 years old. This family lost their middle daughter and sister 4 year old in a choking accident in August 2012.

Give thanks

For Estonia’s former leader Karin Raja who served so faithfully.

For Mai-Britt Vehkaoja from Finland, who has served so long in the women’s ministry in her country.

For Patsy Davis, whose surgery in September 2012 went very well as has been her recovery. Patsy sent some words: ‘I know that is due to all the love and prayers that have been sent my way. Thank you so very much for praying for me, the doctor, my brother and all those involved in my surgery and recovery. The doctor told me before the surgery that it was going to be difficult and probably take two surgeries to correct and stabilize my spine. I told him the day of surgery that many women around the world were praying for him, and he responded saying he needed those prayers. God performed a miracle through your prayers and not only did the surgery go well, but I will not need a second surgery’.

For the hard work of all committee members of all the national Baptist Women’s Boards in Europe.

For our International Seminary IBTS in Prague Czech Republic moving to the Netherlands.

Latin America is our Prayer partner 2010-2015