The executive of the EBWU committee meeting in Budapest,
6 February 2010

Aniko Ujvari, EBWU secretary is member in Budapest, Jozsef street Baptist Church – that is why the Church has invited the EBWU executive committee to talk about God's work through the Union and in their personal life.

The EBWU executive committee with the Hungarian sistersThe EBWU executive committee with the Hungarian sisters

The first speaker was Margun Warem, EBWU vice president. She talked about slaves: in the time of the Bible slaves were not valued, women were not valued either. They were to serve others, mostly men. They had to work hard and often they did not receive a thank you.
Have you ever experienced working faithfully without feeling valued?
Maybe you have worked faithfully in your home and in your church. Of course you are happy to bring up your children and also you might have felt satisfaction being able to work also in church. But have you ever felt that nobody appreciated you? You do your duty and that is all... Do you remember the story of Mary and Martha? Jesus invites two women to sit down and listen Him. He gives the women a new value by this.

Dear Sisters! We are a big part of God's church on Earth. We are all needed.

Maybe you are so tired in your body and in your soul... “Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” (Psalm 116:7)

Jesus says to you: I see you, I love you and you are blessed! There is room for your tears and your tiredness in the church. And remember:

  •     You are a pearl!
  •     You are valued by God!
  •     You are precious in God's eyes!
  •     You are blessed and love by God!

Livija Lame the president of our Baptist Women's Union – from Latvia – showed us some pictures about her work from all around Europe and gave us some information about God's work trough the Union. On the end she told us about the next big conference: In Step with the Spirit. Which will be in Hawaii, and she invited us too.

And besides the pictures and the invitation she talked about her son. How he left God and came back to Him by God's grace. I think by this testimony she were encouraging other mothers. Be full of faith about your children.

The next speaker was Erzsebet Vekas from Romania. She is the treasurer of the Women's Union so  she talked first about money. It is important, very good for serving us, but very bad adviser and it is the worst if money is dominant in our life. Prayer life is much more important and after that God will give us the money that we need.

What is the value in our life? Maybe it is changing with years, maybe we have many valued things in our life, but the first and the biggest value has to be faith in Jesus. Faith is the true value in God's eyes.
And trough faith we are connected with Jesus Christ. This connection give us strength, which will show up in our personal life day by day.

[b] Ildiko Kovacs[/b], president of Hungarian Baptist Women's Union Ildiko Kovacs, president of Hungarian Baptist Women's Union

Later we heard about brides from Ildiko Kovacs, the president of Hungarian Baptist Women's Union. We are the brides of Jesus Christ and we have to be happy because of this. When was the last time when we wondered at Jesus Christ's beauty or His special being? When was the last time when we worshiped Him with our heart? If you felt the joy of his love, if you are the bride of Jesus, you have talk about that love. Like a bride when she talks about her beloved one, because she feels she is the happiest and most loved person on Earth. This is God's call for us, to talk about this joy what He gave us.

There were also two personal testimony from Magdolna Balogh and Katalin Sinka. Both of them gave presented us a sequence of their life and how God has worked in them. Magdolna Balogh is a pastor's wife and therefore her family had to move a many times all around Hungary. She talked about how God helped her family and gave the strength to this life. And she was grateful because she gave her life to God and that's why she has peace in her heart, because she knows that they walk on God's path.
Katalin Sinka talked about how was her life without God and how is with Him. She was a depressed girl and young woman and after she met with God how He gave meaning to her life, how God changed her mind.

And after that we had the opportunity to ask the EBWU committee members. There were a lot of questions in our minds. And in this way I think we want to thank  Aniko Ujvati for translating our questions, Eva Solyom  for leading the conference, and Tunde Eszes for leading the forum.

And during this wonderful conference we could sing together to God, worshiping Him. And never forget this when times are getting hard: God is always waiting for us, we can go home to Him, He can give us peace. He is the one who can keep us, and is always loving us. When we feel that our work is nothing, not worth doing it, that we do not have value in people's eyes, just think about God's love. In His eyes we are pearls. And nobody has found two pearls which were exactly alike. Every one is different, has its different color and size but this difference will give completeness to a necklace, like women in the world.

Rita Varga, Hungary


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