EBWU committee meeting in Prague,
28-30 August 2008

The EBWU committee met in Prague between 28-30 August 2008. This was the first special meeting of the newly elected committee. Our regular meeting is usually once a year by the end of March.

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We meet usually in different places, being invited by different women unions, and at the same time with the committee meetings we also meet with the sisters of  that country, building relationships, looking to the needs, encouraging each other in the Lord. At this first committee meeting we also had a short discussion with Tony Peck, EBF secretary.

Livija Lame EBWU president was encouraging us to prayer based on John 13:34-35, Isa 55:5 and Zep 3:17.  

Our meeting was warmed up by praying for each other and for others, by the open discussions, by getting to know each other in the presence of the Lord. First we shared with each other how we came to know the Lord, then we spoke about our families, our ministry and especially our prayer requests, challenges, joys related with the ministry among women. Then we talked about the future of the European women ministry, our plans and goals, asking the Lord for guidance and new vision.

We divided the women unions of the EBWU between the committee members for the purpose of being in contact with each other. We would like to be in a stronger relationship with our European sisters and using the modern communication opportunities, knowing the particular prayer requests, to pray for each other. It is true that nothing can replace personal contact, but according to our possibilities, we would like to be in fellowship, to know and help each other, as sisters in the Lord.


Therefore I am asking you again, please write to our website and our "News and Views" newsletter about yourself, about your ministry. I am thinking also about the November Prayer Day in this beautiful autumn season when we will meditate about God's care. But until that... we can daily thank the Lord because of it.

Thank you for your prayer support that we need very much.

Your sister in the Lord,
Erzsebet Vekas