EBWU mini-conference for CIS countries,[b]Janny Kingma[/b]Janny Kingma
13 September, 2007, Chisinau, Moldova

On Thursday September the 13th another mini-conference, organised by the EBWU committee started in Chisinau, Moldova.

After having organised several other ones, this time we had invited women from the CIS countries.          

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Olga Mocan, our committee member living in Moldova had all things prepared well and lovingly.

To me, coming from a western European country, this part of our Women’s Union has always been far away and not only geographically. Seeing women wearing scarves used to give me the feeling we must be very different.

But when we started the conference and we sang and prayed together, these differences disappeared like snow in the warm sunshine.

Once again I experienced this great miracle of the unity we have in Jesus Christ our Lord.

No matter what language we speak, what information our passports give, how we dress, we may discover that we are workers together in His Kingdom.

We heard moving stories about perseverance and persecution, about faith and hope and the strength to continue working even in difficult circumstances.

We were encouraged by Bible studies and workshops. We hade time to share experiences and expectations, happiness and sorrows and it was wonderful to pray for each other and bring all these things to the throne of our God.

At the end of the conference we all could take part in the Moldavian Women’s Conference. And being together with them, having the possibility to share our mutual love for our Father and the work among women, we could once again feel God’s love working in these women present.

It have been wonderful, enriching days through which we could learn from and about each other and we could especially experience God’s love among us, wiping out all the differences.

Janny Kingma

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