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Baptist Women's World Prayer Day in Riga (Latvia)
6 November, 2006

Dear sisters!

This time I will tell you about Riga's Baptist churches Prayer day event on 6th of November.
A week before Prayer day Livija Lame asked all the leaders of sister departments to come together to talk about arrangements for Prayer day. Each of leaders decided to prepare information about one of continents and present it on the day of Prayer.

Prayer Day meeting with Linda GuyPrayer Day meeting with Linda Guy

On 6th of November sisters of Riga churches gathered in Baptist Union House. We had a special guest - missionary Linda Guy from New Zealand. On the table there was a candlestick with 7 candles in it and at the wall there was a world map.

The day started with praising, exalting the Lord. Then we listened to Linda Guy. She was speaking about importance and meaning of this day, about all the needs and her home land. Then the first candle was lighted.

After that, sisters one after the other presented each continent: they showed them on the map, told about Christians' life there, persecutions, and prayer needs. That way all the candles got lighted. Then we all split in several groups and we prayed of these needs. We did donation of Prayer day. By the end were singing praise songs to the Lord and united in testimonial prayer.

That was unforgettable day! A blessed time.
God, keep us and hold together for your Kingdom!

Sincerely, Anda Kostanda, Latvia


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