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Report from Day of Prayer in Lebanon -  November 2012

I can't thank enough the Union members belonging to the Asian Union that prepared this program for us all. It really was very timely for us here in Lebanon.  
Sharing it with each other and in the presence of the Lord really made us very joyful! We thank God for the blessed time we had. We heard testimonies and also about different ministries from different members in our Baptist churches and one particular ministry that takes care and ministers hundreds of families that have escaped from their countries because of war!! Please pray that Lebanon will continue to have some measure of peace in order to remain a shelter for those kind of people.  

We ended our day with a lunch where we had fellowship together and the ladies had a good time as they have not seen each other for a whole year!
We praise the Lord for everything and we will continue to trust Him as we know He is in control.  
Nawal Nehme
President Lebanese Baptist Women's Union