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Hungarian Baptist Women's Union of Romania
Day of Prayer, November 2012

In most of the churches belonging to the Hungarian Baptist Convention of Romania girls and women gathered to pray and celebrate together on the 5th of November.

In many cases ladies made a sacrifice to gather from the neighbouring churches. We had the possibility to have fellowship at the table after prayer time.


It was emphasized, that we should be thankful to God for the joy we got from Him, as well as the thought, that the joy we have from the Lord does not depend on circumstances.

We also tried to involve young ladies in the Prayer Day celebration. In many churches young people had presentations about the different continents and they also presented the prayer requests. It was a blessing for the different generations to rejoice together in the Lord, moreover to pray together and share our joy and pray for and with one another.

In our prayers we also remembered our brothers and sisters in Christ from the different continents.

A few thoughts regarding joy:

  • Joy is something, people are always lacking, everybody would like to rejoice, but there are so many personal lives, relationships and marriages with no joy.
  • The source of our joy is God. Our first great joy was when we turned to the Lord.
  • If we lose our joy because of our sins, because of getting farther from the God, we can ask it form Him again.
  • Our joy can be desirable for others: many people have turned to the Lord seeing the joy in the church, or seeing people rejoicing in difficulties.
  • People can have different kind of joy. The state of our heart can be read from our face. The joy received from Christ remains also among trials, even if our heart aches, because the joy of receiving the forgiveness of sins cannot be silenced. What do we rejoice of? Who or what gives us joy? How long does our joy last?
  • Fellowship with the Lord, fellowship with His Word, fellowship with my brothers and sisters, fellowship with the Father can give us true joy.
  • Why do we have so little joy or peace in our days? Maybe because we forget the thing that every child knows: to go to our Father, and ask Him.
  • What is the difference between the joy of a christian and the joy of the world?
  • How can we become a source fo joy for others?
  • What is the relationship between joy and hope?
  • Why is that some people see only the sad side of a situation and others see the joyful side of it? How can these attitudes change our views about life.
  • How would we characterise a joyful person?

We wish you all a joyful life in the Lord!