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What Are You Looking for, Woman?

On April 12, 2014 Estonian Women Network organized A Spring Women's Day in Tartu, where participated over 180 women from 32 churches. In the beginning we watched video greetings from Ms Aniko Ujvari, the President of EBWU, who wished us blessed conference.

Meego Remmel, the President of Estonian Baptist Union, made main presentation, "Woman, what are you looking for?" He told that Jesus offered meaningful relationships to women. For example, the Samaritan woman was looking for a relationship that would take away the shame and give dignity; an adulterous woman was looking for grace that would save her from condemnation and give forgiveness; Martha and Mary were looking for caring, what would give meaning and fellowship experience; Jesus' mother Mary was looking empathy from Jesus at the wedding at Cana etc. Meego said that we are not looking for something, but we're looking for Someone. Someone who lives over the death, who will remain.

Annely Veevo, Board member, Women Network of Estonian Baptist UnionAnnely Veevo, Board member, Women Network of Estonian Baptist Union

A general manager of Spring Day, Helina-Diana Helmdorf, spoke about wedding time, where we are. The church must actively make preparation for wedding day to wear white clothes, and be equipped, bright and unblemished bride. For that we need to sanctify and cleanse ourselves obeying Christ (Ephesians 5: 26-27). It is time for the bride to carry out their sheds and mobilize wedding outfit.

Two Estonian women, who are living today in USA, Birgit Delaidatti and Külvi Maisov, sent also video message. Birgit became a Christian at the end of the Soviet time, and put in our heart, that if our principles are from Bible, our state, business, family, and everything that we do, will work. Külvi gave personal testimony about how in marriage can meet two people with different backgrounds who must learn to know each other. He spoke about situation in her home. She and her husband were watching a scene of violence in TV and she reacted painfully to it, because she has had earlier similar situation in her life. But her husband did not understand her reaction. Only after an open conversation, both realized the other's position, and it gave them peace.

In afternoon were held seminars. Talvi Helde spoke about a new, changed identity, which she defined as a feature that make a person unique. She said that we are born with different start-up capital, which is rooted in the time when we were still in the mother´s womb. Our childhood, life experiences, and developed self-image will influence our identity. If the latter is out of place, we can be hurt, or it is hard to find our place in life. Meeting with God gives us the new identity and quality of life (Jeremiah 29:11).

Katri Tammsaar debated with listeners why they are here. At one point, we ask ourselves, what is the meaning and purpose of my life, which is my purpose in this life. She told that we should examine why the Creator has created us. God has done everything that we could go to his eternal plan: He has saved us from sin through Jesus, he loves, shapes and equips us to do good works planned by Him. Our part is to learn to understand and listen to Him and be in His hand, like tree branches, where, juice, flowing through them grow good fruit and execute God's purposes.


Annely Veevo encouraged women to furnish oneself with God's power. To get power, we must be born again and baptized with Holy Spirit. Speaking in other tongues is connected to Holy Spirit power (Acts 2:4). Apostles had to wait for the arrival of the Holy Spirit, after this they began to speak in tongues, got authority and the courage to go out to share Good Message. The power of Holy Spirit, the size or the lack of it will stick ourselves: it depends on our trust in God and a closeness to him. The more you take the time to read the word of God and prayer, the more power is manifested in our lives.

At the end of Spring Day Karin Raja called people to the intercession. Board of women network served women. Female ensemble of Calvary Baptist Church and Youth worship band served us with music and beautiful coffee table was served.

Spring Day was supported by the NGO „Friend to Friend” and by volunteer offering. As God blessed the conference generously, we were able to give our donation to children and pastors in Zambia.


Annely Veevo, Board member, Women Network of Estonian Baptist Union