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Spring Conference in Estonia, March 2015Aniko UjvariAniko Ujvari

An invitation was given to me on behalf of the Russian speaking sisters in Estonia to attend their Spring Conference. Each year in springtime they organize such an event in a different church of the country.

This year it was in Sillamae. Haldi Leiinis hosted me in Tallin. She is deeply committed to and has a supporting heart toward the women's ministry; something she has had for a long time already; and she is also connected with the EBWU for a similar long time.

Before the conference day we met and had a meaningful dialogue with Erki Tamm, the General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Estonia and with Annely Veevo, one of the leaders of the Estonian Baptist Women's Ministry.

In Sillamae the church building is next to the sea, so we had a strong, cold, windy day, with fresh air. The organizers were a bit afraid of timing, because - as it used to be with us Baptists - we have so many interesting programs and planning at the same time that it was absolutely impossible to determine how many women and in what age group they would come together. Generally, I am not worrying about the number of participants. We prepared something and prayed for the meeting, so we are then left to support those who are there and help them to get the message that was prepared for them.

Participants of the ConferenceParticipants of the Conference

My topic was from the Book of Esther based on the question, "What is your request?"
The next lecturer was Talvi Helde, the leader of the Estonian Baptist Women's Ministry. She talked about Love.

We experienced again - as it used to be at the women's gathering - what it is to be given hospitality; we get food from a richly prepared table. We received a blessed and meaningful day at the table of the Lord, where He gifted us with wonderful fellowship, the taste of sisterhood and His encouragement to go on in the way He prepared for us.

I had the opportunity to serve on Sunday morning with the Word of God in a church, where a small congregation came together in a school auditorium, small, but with great commitment to begin a new mission for the people who don't know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

I may not keep in my heart, and need to share with you, a joyful meeting with Livija Godina (the previous President of the EBWU) in Riga, as I had a connected flight there. We spent a few hours talking and praying about the women's ministry all around Europe. She sends her regards to all the sisters in Europe.

Aniko Ujvari, EBWU President.

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