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70 Years Jubilee
EBWU Conference
Lviv, Ukraine
20-23 September 2018

Love one another! (John 15:12)





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Dear Sisters,
Greetings in Jesus name!

We wish to announce a very special time next year to which you are invited – an opportunity for you to share in the celebration of EBWU’s 70th anniversary.  We have chosen the inspirational topic ‘Love One Another’ which in many ways reflects the original goal of EBWU – reconciliation – bringing the Baptist women of Europe together in love, prayer and fellowship at a time when much of Europe was left devastated. Our desire remains one of reconciliation between our countries and between men and women and God.  

We are looking forward to having you or a representative from your country/union join. This is a great opportunity for us to come together, and we invite YOU to be with us. This will be a special time to give spiritual support and encouragement to the women who are facing a lot of hardship and difficulty. We will have great guests, a variety of workshops, and a good programme which will be crowned with our guests’ presence.

EBWU are pleased to announce details of our next five-years’ Conference.

Dates: 20-23 September 2018
Place: Lviv, Ukraine
Venue: Hotel Dnister, Street Mateijko 6, Lviv 79007
Theme: Love One Another

Cost: Registering before 1May 2018: double room 270 Euros; single room 390 Euros.
Registering after 1May cost rises to 290 Euros for double room.

The hotel chosen is a very nice one and provides a good atmosphere for our conference. Register early and save some money, if not you will have to pay the full price. (See registration button at the top of the page)

As in previous times we offer scholarship. You may tick the column for scholarship, but only a limited amount is available for this, so it is not possible to pay the full expenses of those who apply for this facility. As the conference is not until September there is time for you to try to raise funds for at least one person to come as your delegate, or perhaps your Baptist Union could support you. Perhaps you may be able to give financially so someone who cannot afford to come may be able to attend.

Also bear in mind when booking your flights that EBWU cannot pay for any extra nights if you have to come earlier and/or stay later than the conference.

We are sorry to have to tell you these things, but that is the way the funds are at present.

Again, we do hope to see you there to share and receive the blessings that the Lord is preparing for us in Lviv.

Yours in Christian love,
Margaret Brown, EBWU Secretary.


We encourage you to pay for the conference through Bank transfer:

"EBWU Election Conference"
Account number: 272728.
Spar- und Kreditbank Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden eG.
Postfach 1262,
61282 Bad Homburg
IBAN: DE45 5009 2100 0000 2727 28