Report of the EBWU Conference in Lyon, France[b]Margaret Brown[/b]Margaret Brown

November 15th-18th was the date of this small but nonetheless blessed time in Lyon. Thirty-one ladies attended from as far north as Norway and as far south as Sicily, as far west as Scotland
and as far east as Israel; altogether fourteen countries were represented. The conference was held in Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph where we also stayed. It was a very comfortable hotel in beautiful surroundings and the weather was kind to us also. Because it was a small conference we were able to have conversations with most of the participants, getting to know them and sharing with them.

Participants of the conference Participants of the conference

The theme of the conference was ‘Train Yourself to be Godly’ (1Timothy 4:7). Marc Deroeux, the French Baptist General Secretary welcomed us all on the Thursday evening by bringing greetings from the French Baptists and informed us of the situation among Baptists in France. He also led devotions on how we should live as children of God, to be reactive in prayer and meditation, and to train every day.

Marc DereouxMarc Dereoux

We were permitted to use the beautiful small chapel in the building where we were staying. It was styled in a modern way with golden colours. Morning devotions were conducted in this small chapel and one morning, Angela from Italy, a professional opera singer, sang a worship song in such a beautiful way that it touched our hearts. The main speaker was Ksenija Magda of Croatia. She took three sessions: ‘The Courage for Godliness’, ‘the Power of Godliness’ and ‘The Hope of Godliness’. We were challenged afresh to consider our own devotion to the Lord Jesus. Included in the programme were times of sharing with a representative from each country telling of the women’s work in their own land, as well as sharing and praying in small groups. We again celebrated the Baptist Day of Prayer, in a visual display. Each continent’s requests were prayed for and also personal prayer was brought before God, in a very meaningful way.

Ksenia MagdaKsenia Magda

On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a walking sight-seeing tour of the old city of Lyon, learning a little about its history and architecture. We also fitted in a visit to Lyon Baptist Church, where we
attended a short guitar concert and afterwards we were served tea and cake by the local women’s group and some youngsters. Due to a demonstration in the town transport was affected, causing us to be delayed in returning to the hotel. However we still enjoyed the concert arranged for us by Manu Richerd of the Lyon BC who sang and played his guitar for us; most enjoyable.

Aniko led us in a ‘share your talent’ service on the Sunday morning in which a number of the ladies participated in testimony, song, stories, short messages, prayer etc. with Aniko bringing the service and the conference to a close by encouraging us to use the talents God has given us, to shine as His light which is not for us but for Jesus.



Personal Impression of the Conference in Lyon, November 2012

by Heidi Watson, Switzerland.

Re-celebrating the day of Prayer 2012 in Lyon, during the conference with the theme, ‘Train Yourself to be Godly’ (1Timothy 4:7) left a lasting impression on me.

Heidi WatsonHeidi Watson

When we got to the moment when the offering would be collected, then there came an important moment for us; it was suggested that we would not offer money, but instead each person would think about what she could bring as an offering to Jesus. There were some individually decorated cards on which we could write our ‘offering’ so that we would remember what we offered.

At home this worked well for me the first day, but already on the second day I missed doing as I had decided. I was about to get upset with myself when a single word popped up in my mind: “TRAINING”. What a comfort and an encouragement this was! I do not have to be perfect, neither in my decisions nor my daily life. I have not reached the goal yet, I am in the process of training myself. TRAINING as in trying again, as failure can be expected because I am human, TRAINING as in focussing on the goal and on Jesus, not on the missed step. Strangely enough, the next few days were so much easier as I did relax and did as well as I could.

To me, encouragement to train myself, was the greatest souvenir I brought back from the conference and the wonderful women I met there.

I am training, I probably will not win the next ‘Olympic Games’ but I am on my way with determination, with my eyes aligned on Jesus, and with an uplifting smile when I or others miss it.



Anita Backryd‘s sharing

I heard the testimony of a young Swedish pastor. He had worked hard and he was very tired. He went to Spain for a holiday; he needed a time of rest and he asked himself: “Can I go on, and serve the Lord?” He said to God: “What’s Your will for my life? Give me a sign O Lord! I give my life to You, do you want to use me again? I am tired and I need Your power in my ministry. Give me a sign, O Lord! Give me a sign!”

Aniko Ujvari and Anita BackrydAniko Ujvari and Anita Backryd

Next morning as the pastor walked along the wonderful beach, suddenly the waves of the sea brought something up in front of his feet. It was a black stone with a white cross! He immediately took it up, and the Lord spoke to him in his heart! He remembered the text from 1 Corinthians 1:18 “The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God.” And the second Bible verse which came to his heart was: “If you keep quiet, the stones will cry out” (Luke 19:40). The pastor returned to his country and became a wonderful blessing; he was used by God for the salvation of many people. My conviction is that God will bless our testimony and show us His important plans for our lives! God chooses to use us, and with God’s grace we will all serve Him.


BUT…. some of us only see all the problems and difficulties in our lives and in our ministry, as the black lines on my picture. Do you see Jesus through the black lines? You have to fix your eyes between the black lines and you can see Jesus. He is mighty and wonderful. He can change your situation. Only Jesus! Look at Jesus. Trust in Jesus, He will give victory in our lives and in our churches. Hebrews 12:2 states “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus,” and 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” are good texts to memorize and hold on to.

When I was about 20 years old an old lady in my church gave me a little picture. The text was in English and this little picture has been in front of me on my office desk all my life. Life goes so quickly, but the text is sure: