Latvia - Baby School[b]Inta Asnevica[/b]Inta Asnevica

Warm greetings from Baby school
in Vilande Baptist church, Riga

My name is Inta. I am a mother of 4 children and a grandmother of my first granddaughter. My husband, Girts, is the pastor of Vilande Baptist Church. All my life I have been working with children – in schools, kindergarten and also in Sunday school.
13 years ago I had an opportunity to work in Baby School in Matejs Baptist Church which was a new experience for me to work with preschool children. But it was not just a new experience – it was something more; I could not only teach children as a teacher but also have a fellowship with parents.

Vilande Baptist Church is located in a very prestigious neighbourhood where very wealthy families live as the prices of the real estate are high in this region. Some time ago God placed in my heart a burden to pray for the families and children who live on our street. I did it every time when walking down the street even though I didn’t know anyone living there. A little bit more time went by and God called me to start working with babies in our Vilande Baptist Church. Our goal was not just to help these children with the first steps in their intellectual and spiritual lives; we prayed also that through this work these families would find God and a church to join.

Vilande Baptist Church was built in 1887Vilande Baptist Church was built in 1887

It’s been 10 years since the is a Baby School in Vilande Baptist Church began and God has been with us all this time. We’ve been able to open our Baby School for children aged from 3 months up to 3 years. These children are divided into 8 different age groups with 8 to 10 children in each group. Each age group has a lesson once a week. There are 6 teachers working in our Baby School and all of them are members of Vilande Church. Every week there are about 70 to 80 families who enter our church and only about 10% of them actually know God. God has given us a wonderful opportunity to pray for these families, to witness to what God has done in our lives and above all to show God’s love in everything we do. Many parents have found God here and also joined the church. Talking to parents we have realized how much they need this place as here they find everything they cannot find without God – safety, peace and love.


God has done so much so far, however our thoughts and hearts are with those who are bound to their houses and rarely are able to go out. These are the children with special needs. This year we want to open a group for these children to give them an opportunity to come and join our Baby School. I have had conversations with several of these mothers who find themselves going through this difficult process and many of them say – If we had more money… medicine, rehabilitation, hospitals…... The government doesn’t cover all these costs and for those whom they do cover there are a long waiting queues.


These mothers tell us that they can’t go to any Baby School as they have no money. After such conversations we understood that we wanted to give these mothers an opportunity to attend our Baby School without any cost so that they also could meet with other families and work with their children in our lessons.

To start this group we have some needs and I would really ask for your financial support to meet these needs.
Since we want to give these families an opportunity to attend our Baby School without any cost we would be very grateful if you could become “godparents” to these families covering all the costs of their attendance – crafts, tea and coffee for parents, toys and special sports equipment for children with special needs. Eventually we want to find a specialist – physiotherapist, who would help these families by giving advice and support.

I believe that God will let this dream about helping and sharing love with these children come true. God has given us so much – great teachers, premises, knowledge and 10 years experience. If God places in your hearts to support financially this work, we would be very grateful.


We believe that God will do many more great things for these families by blessing them, healing them and giving them the love that only He can give.

In this article you can see some pictures from our Baby School graduation.

Many blessings for you in your ministry,
Inta Asnevica – Director of Vilande Baby School.