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Obituary - Elisabeth FlüggeElisabeth FlüggeElisabeth Flügge

Dear Sisters,

In the circle of Unions for which I have  responsibility, one Women's Union is mourning the loss of one of her sisters, Elisabeth Flügge.

A very gifted person, she was a special secretary of the Women's Union of Germany 1953-1964 and immediately after that service she became the President of the Women's Union 1964-1976.

At the same time she was also, in the sixties, the President of the EBWU.  For generations Elisabeth has done many good things for the Baptist Women of Germany and Europe.  Always with a heart full of love for her Lord and Saviour, knowing she had the duty and ability to serve.

The President of Germany writes in her memory words that they have not lost her: she will remain in the hearts of those who knew her, and in all the very valuable writings she has left!  Yet the women are very sad she is not in their midst any more.

Elisabeth Flügge had the privilege to get the age of 100 years – 100 years in which she has witnessed the founding of the German Women's Union, which is 83 years young at this time.

We give thanks to God for giving such a fine godly leader to Germany and to Europe. We praise Him for her life and witness and the encouragement she was to so many people.  She has left behind a great example for us to follow.

Wies Dijkstra, EBWU Committee Member