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ObituaryKarin Lundqvist, EBWU treasurer 1987-1992Karin Lundqvist,
EBWU treasurer 1987-1992

Karin Lundqvist
Visby, Sweden

Karin Lundqvist, Sweden, passed away after a brief illness on December 17, 2007, one day before her 81st birthday.
As EBWU treasurer 1987-92, Karin witnessed the enormous transformation taking place in Europe during that time and rejoiced especially at the new opportunities it afforded women in the churches of Eastern Europe to organise and evangelise.         

Calm, warm, and with a great sense of humour, Karin made friends easily – and kept them.
Karin was trained in business and served as a missionary to Belgian Congo in the 1950’s, with her husband Rune. Rune later pastored several Baptist churches in different parts of Sweden, supported by Karin who managed to combine the many duties of a pastor’s wife with a career of her own and the raising of three children.
She was very active in women’s work both locally and nationally and was a member of the national committee of the Baptist women in Sweden (SBKF) prior to becoming EBWU treasurer. She remained keenly interested in the work and life of EBWU until the end. Karin was God’s gift to us and we give thanks for her long and faithful stewardship.
Ragni Lantz