Writings / Devotionals

Sacred Rest - Alexandra Anderson, December 2019
Always pray and don’t give up! - Alexandra Anderson, November 2019
The Fragrance of Christ - Fabienne Seguin, October 2019
Choose Life! - Alexandra Anderson, September 2019
A Season for Everything - Alexandra Anderson, August 2019
Take off your mask - Alexandra Anderson, July 2019
Do Not Worry - Alexandra Anderson, June 2019
What is in your hand? - Alexandra Anderson
Love one another! - Aniko Ujvari
Worshipping in Spirit - By TaNikka Sheppard
Biblical thoughts about dance - Timea Perge
Devotional for EBWU in Norway - Hebrews 12:1-3 - Margaret Brown
Choose Life - Easter devotional by Margaret Brown
Lights of December - Aniko Ujvari
Arise, shine, for your light has come - Margaret Brown - Devotional shared at Özdere Conference
Contentment - The Lord is everything to me - Laura Smolnikova
Message for Valentine - Aniko Ujvari
Thoughts for the New Year from Hebrews 12:1-3 - Margaret Brown
Isaiah 40: 27-31 - Margaret Brown
The Widow at Zarephtah - Margun Warem
At the door of the New Year - Aniko Ujvari
Testimony, October 2012 - Margun Warem
Not Too Late - Margaret Brown
Advices for the new year - Erzsebet Vekas
Is the Lord delaying? - Erzsebet Vekas
Unusual schools - Erzsebet Vekas
EBWU devotional for October 2010
EBWU devotional for August 2010
In-between - Carol Murray
What Christian Women Can Learn From the Philippians - Ksenija Magda
The message of the music - Aniko Ujvari
EASTER - a Powerpoint presentation by Wies Dijkstra-Spoelstra
Advent reflection - Lina Androviene
The Peace Child - Susana Mefford
2009 September Devotional - Margun Warem
Encouraging one Another - Margaret Brown
Blooming - Aniko Ujvari
Easter 2009 - Bought and Paid For - Wies Dijkstra
To Bathe a Princess - Susana Mefford
EBWU Devotional for January 2009
A praying woman - Erzsebet Vekas
Advent thoughts - Margun Warem