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BloomingAniko UjvariAniko Ujvari

Do you know what I like most about May?
That everything is full of flowers; the green of grass; the trees and bushes being so fresh. The people open their windows and go out to the fresh air, to the nature.
The sky looks like if somebody opened it: seems much wider deep blue with lovely white clouds. Sun is brightly shining, but it’s warm isn’t too much yet. On the fields you may see the new hope for bread as the fields of wheat are softly green, and the wind kisses them tenderly.

The fresh grass and plants can even cover the wounds of the Earth. Look at the nature and see how it is able to renew! One day I watched a movie with my kids titled Wall-E. It is about the future: how the world looks like as the mankind covered it with garbage. People leave the Earth creating a New Planet for themselves full of technics, robots, with extra comforted life, lazy life, which is too perfect to live! They decide to send a robot called Eva back to Earth to look for sign of life, where only one small bad shaped robot, Wall-E, tries to clean up and make order among the hills of garbage. Two living creatures are only with him: a cockroach and a tiny green plant. He becomes so happy seeing the newcomer robot on Earth that he tries to contact her. But Eva leaves him when she finds the goal of her coming, the only one plant, which is in her program, for it is to look for living creatures. She has to take it back to the people to examine it. So after a lot of adventures in the cartoon, the mankind decides to return to Earth because they realize there isn’t any other lovely place to live only this one planet which is so special for us.

Look around yourselves!
We use the Earth as we use it. We stuff it with not only physical but spiritual garbage. We try to be more careful. We created the selection of garbage, but the problem is not exactly that what can be recycled, but that we lost our ability to control our wishes and separate them from our real needs.

This is a great gift from our Creator as this Earth is put together. We use it, all of us together, Christians and non-Christians with so many different aims for our lives here in the Earth and after. But let see some differences.

I tell you a great screenplay list for blockbuster: sexual immorality, debauchery, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy, drunkenness, orgies.

What is the result of such kind of behaviour? I don’t think that I have to give a loud answer. Just look around. Let compare it with a different list!

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

Select, make your decision how to live, which life to advertise! I think you found out where are these characteristics written in this way. Yes, in the Book of Life. There is written even the way how to find the way out of all the spiritual mess, and with whom can you come out. Because the labyrinth is tricky, it can happen that you won’t find the way out by yourselves. Don’t hesitate! Make your decision right now. Why to waste your time digging in the garbage to clean what is impossible to clean? There are a lot of things what you have to leave behind to be free for a new beginning

Sing together with me: “Clean my heart, oh, Lord!” And enjoy the life, the fresh new life in Him, as the nature enjoys the new beginning at spring.

Aniko Ujvari, May 2009