EBWU Annual Conference

Warsaw-Radosc, Poland - 10-13 October 2019

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 Room with 3 beds and en suite shower.
      Total price of the Conference: 210 Euro.

Note: there are only a limited number of rooms with en suite shower.

 Room with 3 beds and a shared exterior bathroom.
      Total price of the Conference: 195 Euro.

Prefered room-mates:
(We cannot guarantee it, that but we will try to do our best)

    I need an extra night before the Conference   

    I need an extra night after the Conference   

The cost of the one extra night is the following:
20 Euro - triple room with en suite shower.
15 Euro - triple room with outside shared bathroom.
5 Euro for a breakfast and 8 Euro for a dinner.


How do you pay for
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       through bank transfer

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Our bank details are:
"EBWU Annual Conference"
Account number: 272728.
Spar- und Kreditbank Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden eG.
Postfach 1262, 61282 Bad Homburg
IBAN: DE45 5009 2100 0000 2727 28

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