European Baptist Women's Union


The EBWU Conference in Rabac, Croatia
22-25 May, 2003

Rabac, Croatia

Sing to the Lord a New Song!
This was the theme of the conference.

About 200 women from over 40 countries of Europe and Middle East attended this meeting. There were also guests: Audrey Morikawa - president of BWA Women's Department, Patsy Davis - director of BWA Women's Department, Judith Chambers - president of NABWU - and Gregorij Komendant - president of EBF.

From the very beginning we could sing new song to the Lord because:

  • He prepared a special place for gathering women from all over Europe. Croatia is a beautiful country that suffered from war. Now it is free from violence, it is enjoying peace and is looking for new life possibilities. The beauty of the Adriatic coast at Rabac what we could see from the hotel's balcony filled our hearts with gratitude toward God. The Croatian women impressed us with the symbolic boat-decorations they prepared, their hospitality and perfect organisation with Ksenija Magda as leader. And the delicious Mediterranean food in spite of abundance did not make our stomach suffer.

  • The program. The Bible Study introduced by Kathrin Morgan touched three important practical aspects of our Christian life: 1. The task of mission; 2. The means of mission; 3. The people of mission.

  • There was a wide range of workshops like: Women in ministry (Sheila Martin); Bible study methods (Linda Shiper); Spiritual growth (Erika Lange); Singleness (Lina Androvienne); Christian mother (Amal Khater); Leaders in the church - can they be women? (Ksenija Magda); Spiritual gifts (Vera Izotova); Time out for you (Vesna Brezovic); Counseling for domestic violence (Lauran Bethel); Ethical issues (David Pusey); and Refugee issues (Graham Lange).

  • The brief reports (about one minute each), about the most important events of the ministry of our Women's Union were showing diversity on the one hand and unity in Christ on the other hand.

  • The group activities. This new idea allowed all participants to take part in a very active way. We could also see how creative and gifted are women from all over Europe.

  • The Croatian music group inspired us all the time to sing new song to the Lord

Every day we started with prayer in groups. We prayed also a lot for the elections. The delegates of Unions elected the new EBWU Committee.

Let me add that I am grateful to God for all the predecessors at the EBWU committee. Through them God traced direction for this huge ministry in Europe. God used each of them in a special way. I am grateful to the Lord that I had possibility to learn so much, especially from our last two presidents: Hilde Sayers and Yona Pusey. I realize that we can do nothing without God.
So, my prayer every day is that I serve Him, being totally dependent on Him and allowing Him to put in life His will for Europe.
Please pray for us.

Ewa Gutkowska

Dedication prayer for the newly elected
EBWU president, Ewa Gutkowska

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