EBWU Committee Meeting in Aalborg, Denmark, 7-11th March 2018

Report by Margaret Brown

This year members of the EBWU Committee held their annual business meetings in Aalborg, Denmark where they were the guests of the Baptist Danish Women’s Board.

Susanne Andersen, the President for the northern part of Denmark, welcomed us to her home, a pig farm near Frederikshavn, in the heart of the countryside in such beautiful surroundings. It was a lovely wintry scene with snow all around and often in the distance we could see deer. When the sun shone the snow sparkled and the birds sang causing us to thank our God for the wonders of His creation. Susanne was a super host and has, it must be said, a great talent for cooking and looked after us very well. She and the Danish women welcomed us with such warmth and made us feel so much at home with them.
Our business was conducted and completed in two days, which was amazing as we had a very full agenda, but we managed and were so grateful to have it all done.

Susanne Andersen, the President for the northern part of DenmarkSusanne Andersen, the President for the northern part of Denmark

Three of the Danish ladies came on the Friday evening and had dinner with us – Anne Marie Møller, Lise Willer, the National President and Karin Christiansen former President. It was a pleasure to have them with us and to relax together afterwards in the evening, enjoying food, fun and fellowship.

Breakfast in Bethel church, AalborgBreakfast in Bethel church, Aalborg

On Saturday morning we went to Bethel Baptist Church in Aalborg where we had breakfast with around fifty ladies of the area. The breakfast was prepared and served by the men of the church who did all the catering for the day. Following breakfast, we attended the meeting arranged for us to share with the Danish women. Following the singing of a hymn one of the ladies shared a short devotional from 2 Chronicles 9 of the Queen of Sheba’s visit to King Solomon. She heard about him, his wealth and his wisdom but that was not enough, she had to go and see it all for herself. She saw it with her own eyes. Sometimes we hear gossip, but we need to check it out – go and see for ourselves; see with our own eyes, hear with our own ears. We have heard about God. We need to see Him for ourselves. We can experience Him in our own lives if we are really set on knowing Him.Lise Willer, National President Lise Willer, National President

Synnøve Angen gave a power point presentation of the past ten years of EBWU’s ministry. Wies Dijkstra also had a power point as she spoke about the News & Views magazine and the importance of writing down stories and sending them in for the magazine. Fabienne Seguin spoke a little of the finances and the importance of the Day of Prayer offerings. Margaret Brown spoke briefly of communication and keeping in touch. Didi Oprenova spoke of her role within the Baptist World Alliance as one of their Vice-Presidents. Aniko Ujvari spoke of the freedom we have in Jesus, about the special bond we have as sisters and the desire to widen the fellowship. She gave a personal testimony of what her visit to Syria meant to her, and what she learned from that visit. Following a few questions there was a short break for some fruit and water, very welcome after the talking!

Aalborg, Bethel ChurchAalborg, Bethel Church

The Danish Business Meeting ensued with elections and several other pertinent items.

After lunch, Lise Willer took Aniko, Fabienne, Wies, Synnøve and Didi on a walking tour of Aalberg, which she had prepared for us to see a number of places of interest around the town. As there was also a very interesting speaker for the afternoon meeting, I chose to stay and hear what she had to say. Ruth Brik Christensen had worked in Iraq and in Afghanistan as a ‘mother’ for the Danish soldiers serving there. She had very interesting stories to tell of life there with the soldiers, and of encouraging them, and sharing the love of Jesus with them as the opportunities came.

In the evening together with the Danish ladies we had a lovely meal in a local fish restaurant which served all kinds of seafood in buffet style. It was a relaxing time, having conversation with each other as we ate.

On Sunday morning we again went to Aalborg to worship with the congregation of Karmel Baptist Church. Didi was the preacher there, speaking of God as the Rock from Deuteronomy 32:1-4. The ladies provided lunch for us there at the church. Then we visited Lindholm Hoje, a Viking museum near to the airport before leaving for home.

Karmel church, EBWU committee attending serviceKarmel church, EBWU committee attending service

On behalf of EBWU I want to acknowledge the efforts of all the Danish women who prepared for our visit and who worked for us while we were there, not least to Susanne who graciously and generously opened her home to us and catered for us so well. I want to say a big ‘THANK-YOU’ to all involved. It was a joy and a privilege to be amongst you all in Denmark.

May the Lord continue to make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you as you continue to serve Him by reaching out to others in His name. To Him be the praise and glory!


Margaret Brown