Report on our Visit to Wales,
EBWU Committee Meeting,  2011, March 15-20

March 15-20th saw the EBWU leaders arrive in Wales for our yearly committee meeting.  The invitation had been issued some time previously and what a joy it was to be in Wales!

As we left Cardiff airport, the sun was shining brightly in welcome, and as we travelled through the countryside to our destination, the daffodils were out in bloom along the wayside to greet us.  It was most enjoyable to sit and relax and to admire the views from the car.

Meeting in Llandeilo Baptist ChurchMeeting in Llandeilo Baptist Church

We were based in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, where the Welsh language is freely spoken.  We were very indebted to Rev. Mary Davies, pastor of five churches in the area including Llandeilo for allowing us access to the church where our meetings were held.  Members of the church provided us with lunch each day.  Two of the other churches pastored by Rev Mary provided our evening meal on Wednesday and Friday.  It was lovely to sit down with the people of the churches and share fellowship with them over our meals.  They were interested in us and of course we were interested in them.  The food was wonderful; we were so well fed that our clothes felt tight by the end of our visit!  The fellowship also was wonderful and we were so blessed by being with God’s people.

Business was conducted Wednesday – all day, Thursday – morning, Friday – all day and for an hour on Saturday morning. On Thursday afternoon we visited the Welsh Baptist Union Office on the way to Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire to visit Yona Pusey, a former Secretary and President of EBWU.  She had arranged for us to have afternoon tea with some of the local Baptist ladies in a restaurant owned and run by a Latvian lady which was of much delight to Livija, our present President who is from Riga, Latvia.  Following tea we each shared a little of our roles within EBWU and then we were taken to Yona’s home which is situated on a clifftop with a commanding view of the sea in St Bride’s Bay.  We had a beautiful view of the setting sun as we watched it sink beneath the horizon, praising God for the wonders of His creation.  Yona provided us with supper before we travelled back to Llandeilo.

Meeting in Llandeilo Baptist ChurchMeeting in Llandeilo Baptist Church
Once our business was completed on the Saturday we were able to have a short walk around the town to see what it was like, and to visit various shops.

At lunch time we had a special lunch in a hotel where members of the Women’s Union and Baptist Union Officials also attended, and brought Welcome Greetings.  All the members of the Committee were presented with a Welsh Loving Spoon beautifully carved in wood.

Following lunch we returned to the church for a Celebration of Faith.  This was arranged by Rosemary and Rev. Davies presided.  It was a wonderful time, blended together of worship and praise and Welsh culture of music and song brought to us by various bards, singers and musicians who had won prizes at the national Eisteddfod, the annual Welsh festival of poetry and music.  Again each of us shared about EBWU between the items of music and song.  This was one of the highlights of our visit.  In the evening Rosemary provided a lovely supper for us in her home.

Three of us were able to attend morning service on the Sunday morning and very kindly Rev. Davies preached in English so we could understand.  It was a joy to share with the folks in worship.

All too soon it was time to take our leave, but we will never forget our visit to Wales, nor the warmth of the welcoming people, their faith in the Lord Jesus, and the hospitality and help they gave us – true Christian service.

Our hosts, Rosemary and Evan Morgan, just pulled out all the stops for us – they couldn’t have done any more for us than what they did. Three of us stayed with them while two were with another couple and two with another lady, all of us some distance apart, yet it seemed no bother for Rosemary and Evan to ferry us around, by ensuring we were at the church in time each morning, and at the venues for our evening meals, and returned to our ‘homes’ at night.  Their hospitality and care was first class.  We give thanks to God for all our experiences of our time in Wales, knowing that our lives are the richer for having met these wonderful servants of His.

Margaret Brown

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Meeting with sisters in Broad Haven


Yona Pusey, Erzsebet Vekas, David Pusey


EBWU committee with Yona Pusey

EBWU committee in Llandeilo Baptist Church


Leaders of the Welsh Baptist Union

Livija Lame with the leaders of
Welsh Baptist Women's Union


Meeting in Llandeilo Baptist Church