EBWU Committee Meeting in Armenia,
30 March-2 April, 2009
Conference for the Baptist women in Armenia,
3 April, 2009.

Armenia for everybody who is familiar with the Bible a little bit means the Land of Noah. All the EBWU committee members were so excited to have a meeting in such a special place.

The EBWU committee, with the Armenian women representativesThe EBWU committee, with the Armenian women representatives

We hoped to feel the atmosphere of the message of hope given by God thousands years ago. Of course March is not the time of the year for rainbow above the Mountain Ararat but we had recalled the Lord’s promises.

Arriving through the night we could see only the lovely, friendly, smiling faces of our brother and sister from Astarak waiting for us and taking us to the Baptist Seminary’s building which became our home for a long week. We occupied the whole building being holiday for the students.
In the morning looking out of the window as I saw a huge pick covered with white snow (wow), the question came up “Is that the Mountain Ararat?” No, that wasn’t. Ararat was hiding. Throughout the whole week we had only a few clear moments to see the fascinating white giant. At least this -somehow- helped us to sit and focus on our main aim to be there, to talk through all our topics, projects, goals, the programs for the future, to recall our experiences according to the EBWU ministry. We had great time of prayer for women from every country of our union and of course personally for one another. We are thankful to the Lord using women everywhere for his glory. Women do so much for children, elderly people, for other women in their churches, in the neighbourhood and on the streets, too. Listening to the reports from different areas we were deeply touched by readiness of the sisters doing so much for the Lord.

One afternoon we had opportunity to meet the representatives of the Armenian sisters. Talking with them we realized how much the prayer means to them through the difficulties in their needs. Life is so different in West and East, in North and South, but our Lord gives us chances and creativity to find the right way to go on our own path for His glory.

The Baptist women from all around of Armenia gathered together for a Friday Conference in the first Baptist church in Yerevan. The theme was "Women in Ministry". We divided this topic for seven different areas preparing short speeches from more personal aspects, sharing our experiences in that area. It was the following:

    1. Women in service – Livija Lame, president
    2. Bringing up children, contact with the young people – Margun Warem, vice-president
    3. Caring for the elderly people and visitation – Elisabeth Vekas, treasurer
    4. Organizing the financial area in the family, in the church – Margaret Brown
    5. Women among special difficulties (prostitution, trafficking, family violence) – Susie Mefford
    6. Influence in our neighbourhood, workplace – Wies Dijkstra
    7. Making our environment nicer/using our creativity in the church and in the homes
    Conclusion: the servant's attitude – Aniko Ujvari, secretary

At the lunchtime the hosts worked hard feeding about four hundred sisters. It was blessing to see as the women could share their personal testimonies, experiences, and that - even sometimes for the first sight - how they can open their hearts sharing their lives. In such way they find new friends, prayer partners. And of course they can refresh the old friendships following each other’s life telling to one another how they go through difficulties experiencing the Lord’s caring love. Of course this is the time to encourage each other.

The “cream on the pudding” was for our committee the Palm Sunday in Yerevan. We attended in the special celebration at the church and in the city, too. I never before could see such a lovely picture as young and old people were walking with willow wreath on their heads greeting each other with a smile.

May the Lord bless his people in Armenia! May the Lord give them hope and strength serving for his glory to each of us!

Aniko Ujvari

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Mount Ararat 

Meeting the Armenian women representatives 
Devotional time
At the women's conference

Livija Lame EBWU president meeting the participants

Agape meal
Pastors are also supporting the conference

Praying for each other

A deaf and dumb girl - pray for her that she might understand the Gospel

Brother Ashatur, gen secretary - preaching on Palm Sunday 
Palm Sunday - Choir at church

The Yerevan Central Baptist Church