Travelling[b]Wies Dijkstra[/b]Wies Dijkstra

I met her in the seminary in Moscow as one of the first ladies who came to attend the Conference in Moscow – Svetlana from Beslan.

As many of the attendees she came from far! She travelled 2 days and 2 nights by train, leaving her husband and 5 children at home. The youngest one is 13 years old. Her children often phoned her to be sure their mother was still going in the right direction because she had never travelled on her own before! Just sitting in the train for so many hours? Then you don’t know Svetlana! She met a young couple and learned that the father of the girl was going to marry for the 5th !!! time after being divorced 4 times. Svetlana told the young people that the Bible teaches how to have a good relationship in a marriage and offered them her own Bible. They looked at each other and while taking the Book in their hands, the girl said: I promise you, I will give this to my Father. At least he will have something GOOD in his house…..

[b]Svetlana from Beslan[/b]Svetlana from Beslan


Svetlana works together with her husband, who is a pastor, in the church of Beslan. She has now been involved in women’s ministry for 2 years. Since then, they have organized 13 conferences (150 attended), prayer meetings, and training for 5 months for women of different ages. The women do not come from the big towns, only from small towns.

Svetlana said: “I may not know a lot, but God is using me among the women. We have 14 groups of women and we receive a lot of blessing from God. He cleans our hearts and He keeps us. We have God’s fear in our lives. We need to tell the truth to each other and support each other: we have to obey God. Tradition makes things very strict (forgive me if I offend anyone). When you love, you give all.”

And that is what Svetlana and her sisters and brothers in Beslan are doing: Showing the Love of Jesus and praying for everyone in a special way.

A month before a special service in church, they start to pray for the people they want to ask to attend that service. Neighbours, colleagues, friends and acquaintances and others are prayed for. Every day of that month they pray for each person personally. Then, a week before the service, they are telling those persons that they have prayed for them the whole month and invite them to come to the church the following week.

Most of the time people are willing to come, because they think it is extraordinary that people have prayed a whole month for them! The ministry is very blessed by this strategy: in such a service about 60 people give their heart to Jesus!

After the conference we hugged and said farewell and wished each other a safe trip home. Especially she, because although I came from far (the Netherlands) she had to travel far more hours by train then I by plane.

Just sitting there? I am sure she could tell me now another story which she experienced on her way back home. Svetlana from Beslan – what a Witness of the Lord!


Beslan is a city in the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania, Russia, in Northern Caucasus. Beslan is the third largest town in the republic: Population 36.700.