Moldova Conference
Moldova National Baptist Women’s Conference - 20th anniversary

On April 27-28, 2012 the women’s ministry of the Republic of Moldova celebrated its 20th anniversary as the Women’s Department of the Baptist Union of Moldova.

They came together under the theme “The King has come to serve! What will you do daughter of the King?”

The day before the conference the Women’s Department National Committee met with the leadership of the Baptist Union. The Bishop, Ion Miron and other leaders were present. A year ago Sister Eugenia Podoleanu was elected the new president of the women’s ministry, and during that year there were other new members added to the committee. This meeting was a time of unifying the committee, as well as getting to know the invited guests for the conference.

Eugenia Podoleanu, president of Moldova Baptist Women's UnionEugenia Podoleanu, president of Moldova Baptist Women's Union

There were 400 women that participated in the two day conference. The conference included inspirational and challenging messages, as well as artistic presentations. There were 140 musicians that participated. There was a choir, orchestra, instrumental groups, and worship groups.

Bishop Ion Miron preached about the perfect model servant, Jesus Christ. Patsy Davis, Executive Director, BWA Women’s Department, spoke about whom did Jesus serve, and challenged the women to use Jesus as an example of servant hood and do likewise. Livija Godina, president of the European Baptist Women’s Union, shared how love is the motivation of Jesus Christ and should be the same for everyone.

Ion Miron, Bishop of Moldova Baptist Union Ion Miron, Bishop of Moldova Baptist Union

The Moldovan Baptist women have a special partnership with the Baptist women of Brazil. Sister Eugenia visited Brazil last year, and three sisters from Brazil participated in the conference. The three Baptist women from Brazil were Lucia Margarida Pereira de Brito, Executive Director of the Baptist Women’s Missionary Union of Brazil; Elza Sant’Anna do Valle Andrade, National Coordinator of the Brazil Women’s Department; and Maria Bernadete da Silva, Executive Director of CIEM (mission school). Each one shared a different part of what it means to serve and how best to serve.


A highlight was Olga Mocan who shared the 20 year history using a PowerPoint presentation. Sister Olga was the one that God set a part to begin the women’s ministry in Moldova 20 years ago. It was a very difficult time in the history of the country, but Sister Olga followed God’s will and began the women’s ministry. The Baptist Union of Moldova led by Bishop Ion Miron recognized Sister Olga with a beautiful plaque and other special remembrances for leading the Baptist women of Moldova for 20 years.

Olga Mocan, former president of Moldova Baptist Women's UnionOlga Mocan, former president of Moldova Baptist Women's Union

Each day of the conference a table was set for tea in the afternoon. Different ones were called to the table for an interview. It was an interesting way to learn more about how we can better serve the Lord.

Patsy Davis, Eugenia Podoleanu, Olga Moca, Livija GodinaPatsy Davis, Eugenia Podoleanu, Olga Moca, Livija Godina

After the conference there were two regional meetings held in two different villages. The theme for the two meetings was “The Power of Hope”. On April 19 in the village of Hancesti 130 women participated in a special worship service led by the invited guest. On April 30 in the village of Cahul 250 women participated, as well as a choir and orchestra of 140 people. The Lord was honored and praised at both regional meetings.

Patsy Davis, Executive Director BWA Women's Department