NEBWIM [b]Aniko Ujvari[/b]Aniko Ujvari
Network of European Baptist Women in Ministry

April is a wonderful month. Usually we celebrate Easter in this month, which is the greatest holiday for us Christians! We have a living God!

On the other hand in April we experience the voices, smells, tastes of the renewed nature! But what is more, in this year in April we had a great meeting with women ministering as pastors in Europe.

The group of participantsThe group of participants

The network for women in ministry is organized by Lina Andronoviene from Prague at the IBTS. The participants mostly have a theological degree and they are serving in churches, in unions as pastors or social workers. This is a small group, and it was not the first meeting for them, and even the EBWU representation not the first time. They have their meeting every second year. The goal is to encourage each other in ministry, to share and to be searching for new vision in ministry together.

At this meeting the theme was all around “Weaving New Patterns”. In this topic the lecturer was Dr Karen Smith from Great Britain. She explained how the threads of our existence come together: past experiences, present engagements, longings and hopes, culture and community around us, and also relationships. The main question is how do we picture God in the weaving process?

Then we talked about such interesting questions like recycling or making everything new, led by Elisabet Ravelojaona from Sweden, or diversity by Rusudan Gotsiridze from Georgia. Thinking about the topic symbolism of patterns led by Gyburg Beschnidt from Germany we practiced weaving and embroidering. Then we listened to a lecture about Female Leadership without any pressure of gender by Lone Moller-Hansen, Denmark. Mission Threads by Mary Vahermagi, Estonia; plus we had a time of movement in worship and many, many personal discussions.

The experience as we share and talk is great to learn from one another seeing each others’ faith and trust in the Lord as we walk in the path of faith and calling.

Aniko Ujvari, EBWU Secretary