Greetings from participants window1
in the Moscow Conference,
March 2012

Ukraine - Svetlana Swischova

This is a joyful day. We enjoy seeing the faces of each other. Ukraine is celebrating, this year, twenty years of Baptist Women’s Ministry. We are created in God’s image and He has a goal for each of our lives. The peace He gives us fills our hearts and enables us to continue following Him.

Svetlana SwischovaSvetlana Swischova

Sometimes we are afraid when we work alongside unbelievers, so we have several groups training people to work with unbelievers. Five people have recently come to faith and have been baptized.

One sister came to study the Bible; and as she studied, she learned. Her husband who was unemployed began to drink heavily. She yelled at him and he yelled back at her. The situation was not good. Then a neighbour also started drinking, but as she studied the Bible she was able to have victory through Jesus! Psalm 129 was a help to her.

How many blessings God has for those who fear Him! God knows everything and He has prepared everything for us.

Armenia – Alla Tsarukyan

Greetings in the love of Christ!

I am glad to be here. Together with my husband – who is a pastor, and our children – we serve the Lord. I thank God for them.

Alla Tsarukyan at rightAlla Tsarukyan at right

My desire is to live and please God. I serve among the sisters in Yerevan. I am glad it is possible for this ministry to continue, but we need prayer for our ministry: please pray for us. Proverbs 31:10 – we try to be of noble character, serving in the local church among children and teenagers, and in the worship band.

Thanks to the brothers for their support, the ministry in Armenia is going forward step by step.

There are 10 areas, 7 of which have women’s ministry with a planned programme for the year. We would like to have training for the women.

We have spent 40 days in prayer and I would ask you to ask your women to pray for us.

Turkmenistan – Ludmilla

The work here started from prayer groups. First we had just one Bible group, but now there are 9 groups and lots of young sisters leading.


We try to combine the older and younger generations together, so that we work together and visit together and are both blessed.

Now we are planning a conference among the sisters on the ‘character of God’. There is an increasing acceptance of one another without scarves.

Kalmykia – Tatiana

It is very special for me to be here at this conference.

Kalmykia is a Buddhist republic. The President of Kalmykia is a Buddhist and he persecutes Christians. We work with the Buddhists, by organising camps for children and prayer groups.

Tatiana at left with Erzsebet VekasTatiana at left with Erzsebet Vekas


The church in Volvograd help with the work when they can. In spite of pressure from evil spirits, the ministry is making progress.

When I became a Christian all my relatives thought I would be cursed because I believed in God. I was excluded from family occasions, but I continued to read the Bible and pray and learn.

Then I was invited to the wedding of a nephew. What should I say? God gave me wisdom and I wrote out verses from the Bible and gave them to the couple. My husband was very surprised. One year later the wife of a cousin invited me to another wedding because of the strong words of blessing I had given to my nephew. I told them the words weren’t mine, that it was God’s Word that gave the blessing.

There is no pastor in the church where I live and occasionally I preach. Two other older women help me with this. There is a shortage of pastors in my village.

Moldova – Eugenia Polodeanu

I am glad to be in Moscow; it is a privilege to be here and to be together. Praise God!

Economically our country is the poorest in Europe. We have lots of immigrants. A woman goes to Russia to work, she leaves an eleven year old child alone while she works. This is a sad situation in our country and happens often.

Eugenia PolodeanuEugenia Polodeanu

There are 400 Baptist churches with 20,000 members.

Many women fear God. Olga Mocan is the Director of Women’s Ministry in Moldova, and she has made a path we can follow.

Psalm 16:11 enables us to go forward and apply God’s Word in our lives, to train women in practical things in life as well as spiritual things.

There are nine regions with a sister in charge for each one. They help with the spiritual growth of each woman, seeking to spread the good news of God’s kingdom.

Peace be with you!