Christmas Message - 2017

Black and WhiteAniko UjvariAniko Ujvari

Snow, ice, brilliant white coloured hills – on the other side of the road the soil is dark and black, being wet or frozen.  Black and white everywhere as I am looking around at the winter scenery.  Like a big chess board.  Is this how life is?  A big horrible chess game?  Who is playing this game?  You and I, and everyone around us?  Or others somewhere who are great gamers and can play with the people around?  Or are there other supernatural players, whom we cannot understand, in whose hands we are only small figures?  Who am I?  A king, a queen, rook, bishop, one of the knights or a simple pawn?  Am I white or black?  Many questions come to mind as I begin to think about life.  It is so important to know my place well, my role, and to know who I belong to.  Why are these answers important to me?  Why is it not enough to exist, to be, and to stay on the chess board, as long as I am not knocked out?  And then?  What happens then?  Am I lying aside with the other figures with nobody to care for them any longer?  The game continues like nothing has happened.  

Black and white, dark and bright.

Is it my Christmas message?  Black, sad thoughts about the dark side of life?  Disappointment, hardships, unemployment, migration, fear, misunderstandings, mercilessness, pain, loss, sickness.

No more!  Stop!  If it is so, why to live, how to live, how to go through the journey without hope, without goals, or any reason to stand up after falling, what reason is there to go on? Watch the scenery.  It’s not only black, but there are white, soft, nice spots.  This very clean whiteness helps us smile.  Take a deep breath of the fresh air, open your eyes and remember.

White – innocent, clean, inspiring – a white sheet of paper inspires you to draw whatever you like.  The white snow inspires you when you are the first to step on it.  Anything can happen when something is so clean, so fresh and without footprints: just clean purity in front of you that gives you hope, the hope of a new beginning.

When I hold a newborn baby in my hands I have the same feeling.  An innocent baby is a storage of the great opportunities, a life full with hopes, full with new beginning, having unlimited options in any area of life.

Black and white.

This Christmas opens the door to remember the newborn Child, who makes it happen that we may be clean again like snow.  We have an opportunity to wash all the dirty, hurting spots off of our hearts.  The very first Christmas, when Jesus Christ was born as a little child, created a unique situation in the course of history, only once has it happened that a baby didn’t need our teaching, but He came to teach us how to turn our darkness into light, how the black can turn to white.  He came to show us the difference between black and white.  He is not a chess player, He is the One who teaches us how to play a fair game and stay in white until He calls us to be with Him in Heaven – wearing white as His bride.

Remember, when you experience the long dark winter, the newborn Child has power to clean us to be as white as snow.


Aniko Ujvari, EBWU President