Dear Sisters and country Fabienne SeguinFabienne SeguinRepresentatives,

Greetings on behalf of the European Baptist Women United committee!

Last September, in Lviv, Ukraine, we held our quinquennial conference. It was a good opportunity to meet many of you and it was a great joy. We also remember those who could not come. You are all in our hearts!

As you may have noticed, during this conference, EBWU has changed its name but the acronym remains the same.

Also, a new committee was elected and is composed as followed:

Fabienne Seguin, France, president
Ruth Madarova, Slovakia, vice president
Alexandra Anderson, Wales, Secretary
Ligita Bodnice, Latvia, treasurer

Other members :
Siham Daoud, Lebanon
Cristina Pokidko, Republic of Moldova

We thank you for your prayers, encouragement and trust. Our duty is to encourage you to develop a closer relationship with God, to enable you to put the Gospel into practice so that you might bless people around you and make a difference where you are. You and us have been chosen by God. Let us follow Jesus’ example : He forgot Himself and gave His life to reconcile us with His Father. The harvest is big and the workers are few. Let us be good workers, let us uphold one another and persevere in hard times. God will equip us in order to fulfill His plans for us and He will give us the victory. We can do nothing without Him and His Holy Spirit.

I would also like to thank every woman who was involved in this ministry in the past. They are a great source of inspiration for the newly elected committee.

Remember to send us news about what is happening in your countries, about your projects and your prayer requests. We will pray for you and do our best to support you, if possible.

In this Advent time, we celebrate Jesus coming into this world. We see a small baby, so weak but also so strong and almighty, as He is God’s son. On behalf of the EBWU committee, I wish you a Merry Christmas and every blessing in your ministry and in your personal life.

We love you!

Fabienne Seguin
EBWU president (2018-2023)