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Easter Message - Fabienne Seguin

"They asked her, «Woman, why are you crying ?»" John 20 :13
"He asked her, «Woman, why are you crying ? Who is it you are looking for?»" John 20 :15

My dear Sisters and Friends,

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many among us have been mourning or have been left feeling puzzled and perplexed as they wait for news of someone lying ill in hospital or stuck abroad. Because of lockdowns almost everywhere, visits are not permitted, churches are closed. It is an unprecedented situation. We are not in control of it and, worse still we are not able to control it. And we don’t like that ! As human beings we like controlling things, situations and even people. Then we feel secure and strong.

As Christians we know that God is in control but sometimes we forget that. We can’t help controlling. Actually, the easier our life is, the more we want to control things and situations. It makes us feel powerful and we like that. These last weeks, we have come back to the reality that we are only little specks of dust on this earth: "The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower on the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more"(Ps 103:15-16 ).

If we listen to the news on television we are frightened, we feel a rising sense of panic. But as we are looking for Jesus, His peace comes to our hearts. Why ? Because He is risen indeed ! He is not in the tomb anymore. He defeated death. He alone is in control ! The current situation is not too big for Him. Let us trust Him. Let Him confort us as we are mourning and grieving. This is not the time for despair but for hope. Let us celebrate Jesus and His resurrection. Jesus is the life, He is the bread of life (Jn 6 :35), the living water (Jn 4 :14), the way, the truth (Jn 14 :6), the light of the world (Jn 8 :12), the good shepherd (Jn 10 :14). Who is there like Him ? We have the great priviledge of knowing Him, to be called daughters of God. Let us shine in this dark time, let us encourage one another, let us encourage those who don’t know Him yet but who are now more prone to listen in this uncertain time. Let us seek Him, more and more. This time is unique. It is such a good opportunity to spend time at Jesus’ feet. There is no more noise around us. We can listen to His soft voice. It’s time to examine and purify our hearts. It is time to stay humble before our God. Our lives are in the palm of His hand.

Although death and disease are around us, let us, as Christians, celebrate Life !
And as together we are stronger, why not joining our Sisters around the world in prayer ? Let us pray as a global family.

In Christ,
Love and blessings.
Fabienne Seguin
EBWU president