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Christmas message - Fabienne Seguin

Christmas message - 2020

I don't know how and when it started in your country, but in mine we have had the expression "fake news" for about three years. Now, we even use it without translation. Does it mean that before that what we heard or read was obviously true? Or were we particularly naïve and not suspicious? 

With the development of social media, we are aware of anything that happens anywhere. But we don't always know where the news comes from and if it is trustworthy. Should we forward it or not? Nowadays, when news is spread, it is not always with a nice purpose. The modern world we live in has lost most of the Christian values and even rejects them. Most people are lost. The year 2020 and all its unexpected challenges can testify to that. At the end of this year, what is the "good news"? For most people it means the vaccination against COVID-19. This is the main topic.

More than two thousands years ago, shepherds living out in the fields received amazing news in a miraculous way: "good news that will bring great joy for all the people" Luke 2:10. They were terrified at first and then convinced : "Let's go to Bethlehem and see the thing that has happened which the Lord has told us about" Luke 2:15. "So they hurried off" Luke 2:16. The Messiah was there! "When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child" Luke 2:17. Just imagine if the shepherds had had cell phones with all the applications  that we have to communicate nowadays. They were so efficient although they only had their voices! Because they were convinced by the Spirit of God. 


My dear Sisters, this year many of you have suffered from COVID-19 and its consequences, but also from wars, persecution, climate disorder, domestic violence, various diseases etc. The year 2020 was in many ways very afflicting. Perhaps you feel weak, tired, unable, discouraged, but the Spirit of God is with you and He will make you shine in this world. Let's bring the good news to this world. It is true news "that will cause great joy to all the people", people of any time. The Saviour, the Messiah, the Lord came to us! Let's rejoice and share! 

I pray for peace, grace, healing, joy and God's provision and guidance in your lives. And on behalf of the EBWU committee, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Love and hug,
Fabienne Seguin
EBWU president (2018 - 2023)