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June 2004 issue

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Testimony from Belarus

We share this testimony from the International Leadership Academy in Belarus.

Beautiful girl!

"Oh, such a beautiful girl!" said a young man, who was standing at the bus stop looking at me. It is always nice to hear a compliment but that man was drunk. "I do not want to speak with him,"- was my first thought. - "But I can tell him about Jesus." The man asked my name. "Why do you want to know my name?" - "You are the last beautiful girl I see in my life. I am going to commit suicide," - answered the man. My knees began to tremble. You do not often meet people going to commit suicide. "What happened to you?"- I asked.

He told me his story. It turned out that he came to Minsk from a small provincial town to buy a cell-phone, but he was cheated. Now he did not know any money, he could not even return home. The following day he had to be at work, he was afraid to loose his job. To find yourself in a big city without money - is a test. The boy did not stand the test. At that very moment I remembered Jesus' words: "I was hungry and you did not feed me."

I felt sympathy with the man. For two days that man was hungry, lonely, he needed help. I had some money, so I gave him 6 000 rubles (3 dollars) to buy a ticket home. "You must be a Christian, he said, you help me, but I am so dirty." "You need not only money, you must know about Jesus", I said. I began to look for my copy of the Four Spiritual Laws, but could not find it in my bag. So I had to say "Jesus loves you as you are. People can deceive you, they can let you down, but not Jesus."

The man began to cry and said; "I do not want to die, I want to be with God here." I was shocked by the tone of his voice. I still remember the attention with which he listened to me. I hope this meeting will change his life. Even in such sudden meetings the hand of God may lead us.

P.S. Always have 4 Spiritual Laws with you!

Olga Goloyenko


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