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June 2004 issue

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Cameroun 2002-2003

Margun Warem


In spring 2002 I was challenged by the mission board of our Norwegian Baptist Union to go to Cameroun Africa, for one year, to work as a teacher with children of a Norwegian family. After conferring with my family and employer, it was all decided on. I knew a little bit about what to expect, because I had done the same kind of job in Congo some years ago.


'My' family Kristoffersen has been working for 6 years with the European Baptist Mission in the far north of Cameroun, close to the Sahara desert. We stayed in a village named Mokong, together with missionaries from France and Switzerland. Since the northern part of Cameroun is very dry, they can harvest only once a year. If the crops fail one year, people are faced with famine. People have lots of problems because of poverty, but in spite of all the problems, they smile and laugh, and they sing and dance, praising the Lord. And playing the drums, of course.

In Mokong there is a big Baptist Church, and every Sunday the church is filled up with people who want to worship God. The sermons are in French, Fulfulde or Mofo. I learned quite much French while I was there, but I had problems with Fulfulde and Mofo. Still, when I couldn't understand the words that were spoken, I could sense the Spirit of God very strongly, and I could enjoy the singing and the playing and the drumming.

Unfortunately, I couldn't join the women's meetings, because that was at an hour of the day when I was working. But once I was able to join a women's rally in Maroua, the main city of the area (ca. 100.000 inhabitants). Women from the whole area arrived in hundreds on trucks and lorries, singing and shouting. Seldom have I seen such joy and enthusiasm in praising the Lord. They all brought their small children. I slept in a guesthouse, but these women slept all over the place, so when I went outside in the dark, I really had to watch my step.

Once a year there is a baptism. All the candidates have to attend lessons for one year before they can be baptized. Here they are taught from the Bible, and since many adults are illiterate, many of them learn how to read going to Bible studies. I was present at the baptismal service in Ziddim. On this Sunday in November 93 believers were baptized. What joy and happiness in praising the Lord!

In Mokong EBM supports a theological school which educates evangelists. They study for 3 years there. If they want to continue studying for a higher degree, they can do so in Ndikinimeki, which is in the southern part of the country. Just before going home to Norway, I had the pleasure of attending the celebration of the final exams. It was a big celebration in the church, with all the ca, 20 students and their families present. What joy and happiness! The Africans really know how to celebrate!

But life in Africa is not only joy and happiness. For people who get ill, there are lots of problems. Health care and medical treatment are very expensive for poor people. Since the area is so close to the Sahara, sand and dust is everywhere. And this causes diseases on the eyes. Tracom is a very common disease which makes lots of people blind. Cataract is also very common. To help in this situation, the mission has run a clinic for twenty years, operating people with tracom and cataract. It is the only clinic for such diseases in a wide area, so people come all the way from Nigeria and Chad to get help.

There are also a maternity clinic and a policlinic, and an AIDS project which the Norwegian missionary Marianne Kristoffersen is responsible for, helped by funds from the Norwegian government aid.

There are many things I would like to share with you from my stay in Cameroun, but I will have to stop here. I am very grateful to God that He gave me the opportunity to serve Him this way, and I am grateful for all the things that I have learned, and for seing what God is doing in Cameroun. Please join me in prayer for Cameroun and its people. God bless us all.


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