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June 2004 issue

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A missionary group for youth was started two years ago in a little town in Norway. Two young girls came up with the idea. They wanted to create something to involve young people in missionary work, and they wanted young people to get to know more about other people and other countries around the world.

It was very important to create a group who could draw the many youth in Aalgaard Baptist church, and their friends. A lady called Tone Maeland welcomed the youth to come and meet in her house every time. When people come together in a home it is easy to get to know each other, and it is easy to have a social time with your friends. Therefore this was a good opportunity to gather more people.

Gaius was now started, and every second Monday 10-30 young people came to Tone. There was always one who shared the gospel of God and then we prayed together. The rest of the evening we spend talking, get to know about other countries and of course doing handicrafts. Together we decided a project we wanted to support. We came up with the idea to save up some money to a project in Thailand. We wanted to send our money to a Christian youth group in Northern Thailand so that they could buy some new instruments. They needed instruments to practice, to gather people and to use in their worship. It was not very expensive for us, so we found this project realistic to help. By producing handicrafts we could sell this in church and other places. The money we earned from the handicrafts and the money people gave every time we met, we saved up.

When we are going to decide what project we want to support we find it important that we can help people on our own age. Our vision is to help people the way we can. We are not missionaries on the field, but we can be missionaries by helping other people. When we help youths and projects in other countries, we make it easier for them to reach their people with the gospel. With this missionary group we want to let people get to know God. The name Gaius is from the Bible. In 3rd John we can read about a man called Gaius. He was a faithful and loyal man who continued to walk in the truth. He was faithful in what he was doing for his brothers and strangers. He loved the people around him and he did well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of God. This is also what we want to do. We want, as Gaius to be faithful with our work, love the people around us and help those who need our help.

Jesus said: "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation". With Gaius this is possible for us.

Katrine Birkeland, Norway


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