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June 2004 issue

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Romanian Baptist Women Leadership Conference

In spite of lots of snow, cold and dangerous roads, 70 women came together from 22 localities of Romania for 3 days for leadership and training. These are women ministry leaders, children Sunday School teachers, and they give the leadership to thousands of women. Part of training was the importance of God's Word with regards to a study of Parents and Children and their relationship.

As we evaluated the women ministries in Romania in 2003 they shared how the Lord fulfilled their visions and prayers.

Maricica from Bucharest shared how the bible study groups grew as a result of studying the book of Covenent. They start with 20 ladies who grew to 60 and all became leaders and got involved because they understood their responsibilities in God's covenant. With tears of joy Maricica shared that out of the initial group 25 groups have been formed and the women are involved in different ministries.

Maria shared that after the last leadership meeting she returned home and prayed the Lord to show her a specific ministry to be involved. One of her friends came and shared her pain how her mother-in-law kicked her out of her home. Her husband allowed the situation to deteriorate and took the two children away from her. Maria shared God's Word with her and as she was comforted she brought her friend, a widow of 14 years and very lonely. The group began to grow as each women brought her friend along. The fifth women was Maria's neighbor who called her, devasteted that her husband left her for another women after six years of marriage. Maria shared Christ with her and asked the group to pray for the return of Anna's husband, at her request. To Ann's amazement, without her interfering, like she used to do before she saw the movement of God's hand who intervened and her husband returned home. Anna recognized that it was God who answered her and the group's prayers and as a result she received Jesus. Maria wrote "at this leadership session I received the ability to study the Bible, a vision for new opportunities to teach children and a challenge to study inductively with women in my church."

Lydia shared how the Lord sent her to an area of Romania where over 200 teens and children are affected with HIV virus. As she held a bible study conference in a local church, she found out that the pastor's wife had two children affected with HIV and other women also. Lydia encouraged each one to be involved in a bible study and fourteen women respond and began to study of Covenant! They received encouragement and strength.

Michaela is one of these 14 women who became a leader; she shared with us how the Lord not only strengthen her and helped her to deal with her teen affected by HIV virus but also gave her a vision to reach to other mothers whom she met at the center where she goes to pick up the medicines. She formed a group with two book Lord, I want to know you! A study in God's Names.

At this meeting we strategize and planned for 2004 and all women agreed to work together for a common goal, to have a retreat for widows and their children from all Romania, at a special place. This will be a time of rest, fellowship with one another and time of teaching bible. Their children will be taught according to their ages.

We also plan to have a retreat for single and young girls to teach them the biblical values of sexual purity. So far 70 singles have been signed up.

We trust the Lord to provide for these two projects for this summer.

With love and prayers,

Mia Oglice,
Romanian Baptist Women


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