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December 2007 issue
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Day of Prayer DOP – very special requests

"During this time of DOP may we focus on the unchanging, compassionate blameless character of God that can change the pain and suffering of the world."  Patsy Davis  


I want to share with you, my dear European sisters, for what our Heavenly Father opened my eyes, from the prayer requests in this year. Year after year I know it better and better what prayer means for each other. When I went through difficulties, needs, and I knew that people prayed for me – it gave me strenght to carry my burdens. I know, I am not alone in this experience. Each of you, who came together to pray, did it from conviction. In this year there also were some painful, sad, difficult topics. At this time I want to repeat some prayer subjects from two different continents, because as I see, these are quite current in Europe, too. Let us continue to pray for these continents and take these topics to refer to our needs. 

  • "Children of North America are often abused and neglected. Pray that God will protect the children and that wholesome homes will be established where parents can nurture their children." 
  • "The shifting demographic patterns of North America mean upheaval for families as they seek to establish a home and security for their families. Pray for these families." 
  • "Pray about the increasing secularization of both Australia and New Zealand – politicalcorrectness, harassment laws, vilification laws and the right to free speech have in some cases been pushed to the extreme and used to try and squash the Christian ethos and spirit."
I add a prayer request from our sisters in Lebanon

With sadness in my heart I regret to inform you that we will not be able to hold our meeting in November. We have already cancelled two meetings: last May and one in September that we have planned to have for the Pastor's wives. The reason is the political situation. The month of November is the month for our President's election and that is going to be done in a very bad political atmosphere as you might be hearing on the news. Lebanon is now situated on the top of a volcano and it remains to be seen what will the outcome be and the economy is going from bad to worse. We are praying hard that God intervene and no civil war break out. Could you please pray for us too.

(Notes from the editor) 

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