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December 2007 issue
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BWA Women's Day of Prayer among the Hungarian-speaking sisters of Romania

Our women union was re-established in 1991 – after 50 years of communist regime, during which the churches were hindered in their activities. Beginning with 1992 we joined the BWA Prayer Day. Every year we count as a special privilege, to pray to our Lord, together with the sisters of the whole world. We are thankful, that we can meet in freedom and peace, and remember that it was not always so in our country.

Martha Borzasi: We joined also this year, the praying sisters of the world in the city of Targu Mures and 5 neighbouring towns and villages. In these smaller localities the sisters meet monthly to pray together, study the Bible and they also call others from the town or village. The preaching of the Gospel started not long ago, in these localities. Our Lord is glorified as people turn with full heart to Him and leave their previous way of life.

Judit Kiss: In Sepsiszentgyorgy, one of the most eastward Hungarian-speaking city of Romania, and other two village churches, we were praying together with the sisters. We prayed for the suffering, the poor, the ill. We gave presents to each other. In all the three localities there was also an agape meal, where we continued to discuss, we were getting to know better each other, and those who came first time to church.

Erzsebet Vekas: In the north of the country we prayed together in the city of Satu Mare, and in 4 surrounding villages. In one of the largest Roma (gypsy) church of the country one sister was encouraging us to giving: "we are now helping people that are much poorer and more dark-skinned than we are". Our Roma sisters prayed with enthusiasm, for the African sisters that live in poorer conditions than they live.

Ibolya Balint: In our church, in the large city of Cluj, this day is a also holiday. Much more people come to pray than usually. We listen to statistics from different continents and project pictures. But the main emphasis is on prayer. Because we like if others are compassionate toward us, that is why we bring our petitions before the Lord feeling together with others, many times crying. Compassionate love can heal the hearts or gives power to fight among difficulties, since our greatest needs are to be loved and accepted.

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