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December 2007 issue
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Happy 80th Birthday German "Frauenwerk"!

What a year this has been for the German Baptist Women's Department! Praise and honour to God, our Father, our Creator and provider, for the many blessings He has bestowed upon the German "Frauenwerk" over the last 80 years. We give God all the glory and praise Him with grateful hearts!   


Annegret Drueke


It has been a year of celebrations. About 5000 birthday candies and 240 printed anniversary- mugs were shared at the various gatherings.

Our nostalgic anniversary cards were received well and created many happy smiles. Some women's groups dug out their fancy old china and yester- year's attire and organised birthday parties with nostalgic flair and wonderful, mouth watering cakes. Women just know how to celebrate, don't they? 

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Our sincere thanks to all who sent their congratulations, especially the BWA- Women's Department and the EBWU. Thank you also for all your prayers! We love and appreciate you!

It has been a year of sharing precious memories, of remembering with grateful hearts how obstacles were overcome, how God proved faithful and true through hardships and sad times. These were experienced especially after the war and when the wall went up to separate sisters in East and West. But God's love is not hindered by walls and separation.

Touching testimonies from our senior sisters spoke of the encouragement and strength that was received through the love of God which bound their hearts together across borders. The love of Christ spurred women on in East and West to help sisters in need, to train women for women's ministry, to reach out and beyond, to spread hope and encouragement.

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The theme at many women's gatherings focused on "Gratefully looking back – expectantly thinking ahead"

Thanks to the generous giving by faithful supporters of the Women's Department, we were able to launch a special campaign, "Women helping women", whereby we give financial support to special social projects like hospice work, an MS- self-help group, missionary outreach among women etc.

A lot has changed over the years – people, circumstances and requirements, but one thing remains: It is still the love of Christ which moves us on (acc. to 2.Cor 5:14). It is still the love of Jesus that keeps our hearts on fire for Him as we move into a future with many open questions. Nevertheless, we look ahead with confidence that God will show us the way and lead us step by step. We are determined to face the challenges the future holds, because we know who holds the future!

So we trust in the Lord and do good!

Greetings from Germany, on behalf of the "Frauenwerk",
Annegret Drueke

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