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December 2007 issue
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The Sovereign LORD is my strength

This was the motto for LBWU congress October 26–27. There took part 200 delegates and guests from our churches. During this congress we mentioned our union's 15th birthday.

These years our work has developed in different ways:
  • christian education, organizing seminars and courses;
  • social work, co-operating with health and crisis centres;
  • promotion of communication, fellowship and experience exchange, organizing regional seminars and conferences;
  • co-operation with other Women Union's of Europe.

This year as a guest we had EBWU president Ewa Gutkovska from Poland. During her presentation "Window to Europe" she gave a view of Christian women serving in European countries and read a lecture "Beyond human limits" as well. Ewa's wish to all Christian woman in Latvia is to live with open eyes and mind. Remember that the most important serving is practical help and then message about Jesus by word of mouth. As often as not in area of social help society does more than Christians.

We have to change this situation. World is thirsty for practical love and we know the source – Jesus Christ.

Anda Kostanda – LBWU secretary.

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Table of Contents

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