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December 2007 issue
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News from Moldova,

Dear sisters in Christ, 

We'd like to tell all sisters in Europe how much the Lord blessed us, Moldovian sisters, in this year. A few years ago the leadership of the European Women Committee (EBWU) decided to conduct mini-conferences in various parts of Europe.  Such mini-conferences were conducted in Cyprus in 2005, in Prague in 2006. 


Olga Mocan


And in September of this year we had this high honor – all sisters of the European Committee arrived to Moldova, to Chisinau, to conduct a mini-conference, where two sisters from all CIS countries were invited (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Moldova).

Even the nature seemed to rejoiced because of this event. The weather was warm, the bright Moldovian sun awaited the guests. The theme of the conference was "Trust in the Lord, and do good". In the morning on the 13th of September everyone gathered in the spacious hall and the President of EBWU Ewa Gutkowska, opened the Conference greating the sisters.

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Our honored guest was the Bishop of the Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Moldova, Valeriu Ghiletchi. He wished all the participants to do everything for God's glory in this event. It was touching to listen to testimonies of the speakers – sisters from the above mentioned countries.

They one by one were talking about their ministry among the women, about their joys and hardships of their work in their countries. Especially moving stories we have heard from the sisters from Muslim countries.

On Friday, September 14, at 2p.m. we joined to the large Moldovian Conference, which had started that morning. Beginning with 1991 – in our country, Moldova, there are annual conferences with different themes. Our Union counts about 400 churches. We invite sisters from every church to attend these annual conferences. There were more than 400 sisters at this time. All of them with great interest were watching slides and listening to the information about the ministry of sisters all over Europe. Janny Kingma, the Secretary of the EBWU presented it.  

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Greatly involved, sisters participated in Bible study lessons which Livija Lame, Vice President, and Ewa Gutkowska, President, conducted in harmony with the conference theme. Livija showed on the basis of the Word of God, what a Great, All-Mighty, Omnipresent God we have, calling all of us to trust in him! Ewa taught us to do the good. This topic was especially essential. In our country the summer was very dry, many villagers have no crop in their gardens. We think, that is why the Lord takes a special care of us and sent us sisters, who were encouraging us and taught us deeply trust in him! He will never forsake us.

On Saturday, in the morning the testimony of sister Elisabeth Vekas, Treasurer, about her life appeared to be a great blessing for all the sisters. After that we prayed in groups, then – we prayed all together for the needs, which sisters-participants of the conference had written and collected in baskets.

It was very interesting for all the sisters to listen to Margun Warem about her missionary trip to Africa. It was a special meeting, and the Lord blessed that joint communication of sisters from Europe and Asia.

We say thanks all the sisters in Europe, due to whose help the Lord made this meeting possible. Thank you, dear sisters! May the Lord reward you all! 

Olga Mocan

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