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December 2007 issue
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"Trust in Lord and do good (Ps 37:3)". What does it mean to trust? Trust, hope, and take risk- synonyms. We believe in many different things but we don't trust in everything. We don't put our hope in everything. When we get in the bus we do believe that the driver will take us to the right place. Actually we trust him our life. We have already an experiences, so its easy to trust in that. We really depend on this driver. To trust sometimes is a risk. You lose control that you had over yourself.


Livija Lame


What is He like, The One that we can trust, The Lord, how is God?
  • Gen 21:33 - The Everlasting God
  • Ps 139:7–8 -He is everywhere
  • Gen 17:1 - Almighty God
  • Mal 3:6 - He does not change
  • Iob 12:13 - Smart, clever
  • Mar 10:18 - God is good
  • 1Thess 5:24 - He is faithful
  • John 17:3 - The Only true God
  • Ps 103:8 - Lord is merciful
  • 1John 4:16 - God is Love
  • 1John 1:5 - God is Light
  • Lev 11:44 - God is holy
Why is it important to trust in God?
  • Bible encourage us (Jer 17:7–8)
  • Its unbelief, not to trust is sin
  • God can't use us for ministry
  • I can't do anything by myself, only if we trust, impossible turns into possible.
What are we to commit to God?
  • Ourselves - Psalm 22,8
  • Our burdens - Psalm 55,22
  • Our souls - 1Peter 4,19
  • Our ways - Psalm 37,5
  • Our cause - 1Peter 2,23
  • Our works - Proverb 16,3
What happens if we trust?
  • Our burdens become lighter
  • God can use us more
  • We receive peace in our heart, if we don't trust we start worry 1Sam 30,6
Lack of trust keeps us from receiving God blessings for us. Sometimes it is difficult to trust when facing new situations. It is difficult to continue trusting when nothing seems to happen.

Livija Lame, vice-president of EBWU

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