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Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer 2009
Report from Suffolk, England

Our Meeting, held in Nansen Road, Baptist Church, Ipswich, was attended by 36 la-dies from 7 churches.
We found the theme  "Seeing God‘s Creation with new eyes"  and material very helpful and planned the service with several women taking part. With an elderly congregation it was not going to be possible to have them all move round five dis-play tables, but at the county Rally in October those who hoped to attend the Day of Prayer service were asked to bring a small contribution to make a display illustrating the theme of creation as a visual aid. There was said,  - "Don‘t bring a lot – it‘s not a harvest festival!"  So it was encouraging to see one lady come in with an apple and another with a tangerine. The display table worked really well; we had a lovely plant, several flowers plus Chinese lanterns, some fruit and vegetables and water. There was also an arrangement of autumn leaves.

At the end of the gathering we remembered God‘s promise, "As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."(Genesis 8:22). We also remembered the assurance of some of His other promises in the Bible and through the Cross. So we added both the Bible and the Cross to the display table.

The service was much appreciated – our Suffolk secretary thought it was the  - best ever.

Margaret Tubbs

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