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Mother-Child Camp in the Netherlands

For the very first time the Dutch Baptist Women‘s organization  "Taakveld Women‘s Work"  and the Dutch Young Baptists organization NBJB organized in July 2010 a holiday camp for single mothers and their children. The children had a fantastic week with outdoor and indoor games, crafting, singing, sports, swimming and even an outing to an amusement park.

The mothers had their own programme: having a real vacation! Cycling (in the rain, yes this is Holland!) and walking in the beautiful surroundings of the Dutch Baptist Center  - De Strubben -  in the province of Drenthe with its woods and fields of heath. Also they were creative with crafts, having nice dinners and other programmes.

The theme of the week was:  "Wake UP!"  and it will come as no surprise that it took no effort to involve everyone in the morning to get out of bed. After a wonderful week there was a closing evening with acts by children and mothers.

Everybody knew it for sure: This was such a great vacation: Next year Again!


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