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IBTS connects hearts

As I previously mentioned in my diary, the dissertation for my masters took much longer then I thought. I decided to start a new project because of a new theme that I began to pursue and it worked out very well. I started writing my dissertation, with the title "Youth and children's work in Kazakhstan, 1960-1992". 

Jenny Kanunnikova
There were several reasons for choosing this topic. First of all, I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, so I wanted to write about my country. Secondly, I have worked with children and teenagers in my home church for many years and I love doing it still, and thirdly it is a really interesting field, especially when looking at the history of a country or nation and you are able to see the changes that happened during that period. This new topic gave me much excitement, and I began the work by collecting material from a wide range of sources and interviewing people. Although this task was at times daunting, I did not forget to spend time with my friends and take a break from the work. On a crisp winter day some of the students decided to go iceskating (I love it), however, my enjoyment reversed because I fell and broke my arm. This was the first time in my life that I broke a bone, but what concerned me more was, that my deadline was still at the end of April and I needed to finish my dissertation.

 Jenny with friends from Estonia - Student week at IBTS

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So struggling with the huge and uncomfortably heavy cast on my right hand I attempted to write 20 000 words by April. What is interesting about this incident was that the first thing which I told when it happened was "Why did it happen to me?" And later on when I looked back I was thankful to God for many things: for the doctor who relocated the bones in my arm (I had a compound fracture) so that there was no need for surgery, then I was really glad that I broke my right arm and not the left, because I am left-handed, so I was not encumbered so much, and I had more time for my studies as well.

Me and my roommates

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I will not tell you all things about how uncomfortable it was to be limited to using only one hand, but praise the Lord everything went well and in 6 weeks my cast was off and I could enjoy my two arms again.
During all this time I was writing my dissertation and when I got back two typing hands I had third part of my work already.

With my brother

I continued working on interviewing people from Prague and I am thankful to my parents for helping me from Kazakhstan by supplying material for my dissertation. As you know I am a journalist so I really like talking to people, that is why I used this opportunity for my dissertation and I enjoyed that very much. By April I had a draft of my paper and sent it to my teachers for their critic and scrutiny. I got feed-back where I needed to correct some parts of my dissertation. Time of corrections and checking started and I was sometimes confused by having many versions of my work. Finally text was fine and I needed to make Bibliography and footnotes in a nice order. It was hard because it takes scrupulous work and it is not about me at all.

With EBWU Committee member Wies Dijkstra

Thank God I made a nice shape for my dissertation and sent it for submission. By the end of May I got a feedback with good marks and 28 May 2010 I was graduated with a great feeling that I completed my studies and, praise the Lord, did it very well!

Jenny Kanunnikova

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