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July 2010 issue
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I had a herniated disc last summer and I was resting for around 3 months….. and I was in pain. This happens to me every once in a great while and so I had to rest, and then go to different doctors. Of course I prayed and prayed. I searched my heart and asked God what does He want from me, what does He want me to learn from all this, and exactly why is this happening!?

Nawal Nehme

And to my surprise, I discovered that I had 3 broken relationships!! I had to work on those and I did. So, as soon as things were worked out, I got better and I got healed. I gave the doctors I saw some Christian music tracks. I also learned that all people are important and that I never know when I might need them; it could be anytime! One of the girls that I had a broken relationship with was the one I needed when I was sick in bed. I had to call her and ask her to run some errands for me and she did!! By the way, I am single and 63 years old and I am ashamed to say that I have not learned these lessons all these years!!! So, that is why I have decided never to make anyone mad at me, no matter what, because I never know when I might need those people. This was one important lesson I learned!

Also, one more thing I would like to add is that I have 5 new ladies coming to my ladies" meeting now my relationships have been restored. Praise the Lord for His goodness and the way He teaches us so many things in the process of illness. I had been praying for years that God would give me more ladies but this happened only after I obeyed Him. One important relationship that has been healed is with my own brother. Now I love him and understand him much more than before. I have a good feeling towards him which helps me to communicate with him, tolerate and love him more. I thank God for my herniated disc; His will be done in our lives.

Nawal Nehme, Lebanon.

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