European Baptist Women's Union

"Together to Serve"

Project of Missions in Mozambique
by Portuguese Baptist Women

Report written by Margarida Barros

It was with this motivation - to serve - that we gave up our holidays and travelled to Beira, a city in Mozambique, where our missionaries Eduardo and Isabel live. They are working in Theological Education in Mozambique with the support of the partnership between EBM (European Baptist Mission) and Portuguese Baptist Convention.

Claudia de Sousa

The Women's President Claudia de Sousa travelled on the 20th July for being present and participate at the General Assembly of the Mozambican Baptist Women. She spoke to the Assembly and met with the presidents of the different local groups. These meetings were used to establish projects of cooperation among Portuguese and Mozambican women.

On the 27th July the other two women of the team, Noémia Pereira, who is Executive Secretary of the Women's Union, and Laura Coelho, a professional dressmaker, left Portugal to meet Cláudia and the missionary couple.

Beira is the second city of the Country and is recovering little by little from war and destruction. At the local Baptist church they met all the people (man, women and youth) interested in the different Courses. The women had to work in the mornings in their farms (machambas) and cook for the family. In the afternoon they came to learn.

We offered three Courses:

  • Sewing - (52 people including 3 young men). They separated into two groups (morning and afternoon). They had to buy more fabric and sewing materials in order to teach all the people, and also one more sewing machine.

  • Women's Leadership - (16 women). They learnt several aspects of leading a group, preparing meetings, planning activities, and different ideas for ministering to women.

  • Training of Sunday School Teachers - (22 students). They could learn how to prepare a Bible Story and how to present it to different age groups. They also learnt how to use daily life materials to transform in puppets, posters, crafts for bible stories and bible verses.

During two years women in Portugal raised money in churches, Retreats, Regional Meetings and in Summer Camps for this project. We paid the trip of the team and also bought materials. Many materials for Sunday School and Leadership were prepared and reproduced. We thank the Lord for each women who shared her offering.

We blessed our sisters from Mozambique and we were blessed by them. This was a wonderful experience which will help the proclamation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ among all peoples of the earth. Together, hand-in-hand we serve the Lord!

Margarida Barros


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