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"We Open Windows"

Annual Women's Day,
Zurich, 2005

Report written by Ursi Nittnaus

That is what we wanted to do with our Annual Women's Day 2005 in Zurich: open our eyes and hearts for a new sight:

  • Of a very known biblical story (The good Samaritan).
  • For women living in the Eastern European countries.
  • Especially the terrible problem of trafficking in women.
  • What is going on in our churches?

And we had the privilege to welcome Ewa Gutkowska, our president, for a few days in Switzerland and as a speaker for this day! We "squeezed" her like a lemon asking lots of questions about herself, her family, thoughts, her faith, work etc. etc...... She conquered our hearts very quickly by her sincereness and her love.

Who is my neighbour (Luke 10)? That was the theme of the day. Following just a few of Ewa's thoughts:

  • Life without love is worthless. Without Love we are bankrupt. Mother Teresa said: "It's not what you do, but how much love you put into it, that matters."
  • We can find ourselves in every person of the story: being attacked by "killers" (sorows, despair, fear....) or passing by somebody in need. And also: asking questions just for the sake of asking, to distract from myself.......
  • But most important:
    You ask: Who is my neighbour? Whom should I love?
    Jesus answers: Let me love you.

    You ask: Whom should I help?
    Jesus answers: Let me help you.

    You ask: Whom should I serve?
    Jesus answers: Let me serve you.

    You ask: Who is my neighbour?
    Jesus answers: I am your neighbour and he adds: Go and do the same!

To open our hearts for the problem of trafficking in women we looked at a short part of the film "Lilja4ever". It shows a terribly true story of a young woman, left as a 16 years old girl by her mother. She tries to find her living absolutely alone in a cold, miserable surrounding, finally ending closed up in a Swedish flat to serve customers. It could just as well be in Switzerland. That goes under my skin!
In our country approx. 3'000 women are staying illegally as prostitutes, as dancers, working in Bars, in forced marriages.... What can we do? We do not know. But I do not want to close my eyes any more.

What is going on in our churches?

Several projects or groups were presented to give motivation and new ideas as:

  • Lunch for kids once a week
  • "Delta", a social network of christian families for children in difficulties
  • A "nest" for little kids to be looked after, when Mom has her "hours off"

The last part was also an important one:
We joined always two of us spontaneously to pray for one another before going back in our own! That's a wonderful gift we can give each other, in the name of our living Lord. And so - filled up again - let's go and do, what Jesus wants us to do!

Ursi Nittnaus, Switzerland


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