Presidential Letter[b]Livija Godina[/b]Livija Godina

Beloved sisters in Christ!

At the beginning of the year we look back to give thanks for things that have passed. We also look forward with certain suspense and prayer, that God would lead us and give us wisdom to follow His plan. Looking back at last year, I thank you for your sincerity, support and love, that I've experienced through our events, letters and meetings. Thank you for your donations to the Day Of Prayer offering; it's very special for through that we can bless and help others in different European countries, help people in different projects or simply give help in rough times.

In Mark, chapter 4 we read about the analogy of the sower. Reading it helps us to understand that the world is filled with people with different responses to the gospel. People's reactions and the results of these are very different. One hears, but doesn't understand. Others hear, but experiencing the smallest difficulties, they surrender to these difficulties. Some try to save and protect the heard gospel, but troubles and difficulties destroy it. But there are also people, in which God's Word grows and blooms. This analogy seems practical, but in everyday life we still label people. This problem is called inconsistency, which is caused by unnecessary material values. It's good that there are people who understand us.


But maybe the analogy speaks just as much as the wasteful sower. There's a feeling that he's sowing left and right without paying attention where the seed falls. Every reasonable farmer works smartly, he prepares the field and calculates the exact ammount of seed needed. The seed stock is limited, but heaven, the gospel and forgiveness – these things God has in plenty. He gives away so the seed falls everywhere possible, but there still are hearts so cold, that they crucify Jesus. God doesn't give up, He continues to sow that even the coldest of hearts can be saved. All it needs is love and patience.

Dear friends, sometimes serving and sowing is tiring, we start to evaluate people, and the results, and we start to think if there really is a reason for all this, but love and forgiveness is never too much. Let's sow love, even in the hard, cold soil.


Prayer requests:
Last years EBF Executive Committee took place in Bethlehem and EBF General Council Meeting in Nazareth. We met with Arabic Christians from Palestine and Jews from Israel. I ask you to pray for a reconcilation movement in this region. Women have a very important mission to improve relationships. It's impossible to break down historical boundaries, but peace is necessary and possible with the help of Christ. Let's pray for people who bring peace through their work.

Let's also pray for the conference that will take place in Moscow, Russia, March 6-8, where sisters from ex-soviet countries, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan will participate. Let's pray that sisters would be able peacefully to arrive for the conference, as that would work as an encouragement for future service.

Prayers are also needed for EBWU’s future and for it’s future leaders, because on 1stJune, 2013, we will elect a new Committee and a new President. Pray for that and send your suggestions to Eva Gutkovska, the ex-president and the leader of the Nominations Committee.

With love and gratitude,
Livija Godina.