Bulgaria Project[b]Margun Warem[/b]Margun Warem

At the Leadership Conference in Hawaii 2010 I first got to know Didi Oprenova from Bulgaria. Through her I learned to know about the projects she and her husband Teddi are working with in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The project is about supporting Roma people. Like in many countries, the Roma people in Bulgaria are poor, and they are being discriminated in many different ways. Didi and Teddi are also, together with many others, working to finish the big Baptist Center in Sofia.

This caught my interest, and I was thinking that this could be a project for Norwegian women to support.
Coming home from Hawaii, I spoke about it with our pastor’s wife, Solveig Bergsland. A couple of months later our Union President Turid Nedland and Solveig joined me for the EBWU conference in Budapest, Hungary. Didi Oprenova was there, she was one of our lecturers. Solveig and Turid also learned to know Didi and her projects, and we felt that God reminded the three of us to go home and start working to raise money for Bulgaria.


Didi’s humble wish from us was for 500 Christmas stockings, filled with goodies, to give to poor children for Christmas. Solveig is a very energetic woman, and immediately she started finding women to make the stockings, and after some months we had all the 500! And we had the money to buy goodies for all the stockings. We imagine that there were many happy children in Bulgaria who received such a Christmas gift!

We started distributing lottery books and asking gifts for a lottery. It all went very well. We informed people about the projects, and lots of them wanted to give support. We invited Didi and Teddi to come to Ålgård to take part in the celebration and lottery on April the 12th 2011. Their visit meant a lot to all of us. Their information and testimonies about the projects made a deep impression on people present. They had power point presentations so that we could learn better about the projects they are working on. Especially seeing the children and hearing their stories touched us deeply. Having Didi and Teddi here was a great blessing.

God blessed us with a considerable amount of money which Didi and Teddi could take home to Bulgaria and spend for the poor and for the Center. We are grateful to God that He enabled us to do this for the poorest of His little children, and according to His word we also did it for Him. This made us happy.

Getting to know Didi and Teddi and hearing them tell about Bulgaria, left some of us wanting to visit their country. This resulted in ten of us visiting Sofia for four days in September 2011. We were heartily received by Didi and Teddi. They took us around, showing us their beautiful country. They introduced us and informed us about their projects. We met many of the children who receive support, and we took part in three church services on Sunday.


We are so grateful to God first and to Didi and Teddi for making our stay in Sofia unforgettable. We received so much blessings from God through our friends.We think it is a privilege from God that He enabled us to experience all this.

I greet you all with Galatians 6: 9
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.


Margun Warem