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June 2004 issue

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Aniko Ujvari


Do you like the nice, warm, sunny days at this time of year? I like the green leaves, the new growth and the birds' songs at dawn. Each morning is a great possibility. Like every new beginning, it is amazing. New possibilities, new hopes and new colours.

As I think about the colours, they remind me of the flowers. The flowers are vibrant and beautiful. They smell wonderful. There is hardly anyone who doesn't have flowers in her room or on the table in the dining area. They make our lives happier, joyful. Have you ever noticed women's faces when they receive some flowers? Their faces brighten.

Once upon a time, there was a poor man. When he got some money, he bought a piece of bread and a flower. "You are so poor and yet you buy a flower?", someone asked him. "Yes", the poor man replied, "I need the bread to live and the flower to live for."

Do you think that women and flowers are similar to each other? Of course they are. Our lives are like flowers… we bloom, flourish and produce seeds. And this is as it should be. Our Creator planned it this way. We praise His Name for this.

Let our lives be like flowers to the people around us. It is important to give bread to our family, but don't forget to give spiritual beauty as well. Let us bring joy and beauty into the lives of others. Let us be wonderful flowers in the hands of our Lord.

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Table of Contents



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