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December 2007 issue
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As we are getting closer to the end of the year I realized that I regularly reckon with the events and happenings of the passing year. I had some very hard days, some of them were really painful, than I had some nice, lovely days, but as I count them, most of them were simple, ordinary days. But honestly, throughout the whole year I felt the caring love of our Heavenly Father.  


Aniko Ujvari


This year the greatest teaching for me was not to ask Him "why", but to tell Him "I need you! Without you I can't do anything. I am weak, I am a sinner and tired, even sometimes very close to be depressed. So in good days and bad I can't do anything without you, my Lord." 

Do you know this feeling, my lovely Sisters in Europe? I think, you do. As I had this special privilege to visit some countries and talk to some sisters, I saw the human life is very similar. It doesn't depend on where you live, how old you are, rich or poor. Each of us have families with lots of challenges. Maybe we have health problems sometimes. Another time we are cheated, we are humiliated. We are mourning or have fear. What can we do? 

I heard a nice prayer from Henry Viscardi about how God answers our prayers. There was written something like this: when I asked strengh – he gave me difficulties to train me; when I asked wisdom – he gave me problems to solve them; when I asked progress, sharp brain, he gave me physical strengh to work hard. When I asked courage, he gave me danger to overcome. I wanted to get love, he gave me people in difficulties to help them. Instead of his kind goodwill I had got opportunities to do good. I may tell I hadn't got anything of that what I had prayed for, but I had got everything what I needed. So, He answered my prayer. 

Well, do we need more than such kind of love? Watch carefully your life and observe how God acts in that and throught that. God bless you in the coming new year! 

Aniko Ujvari


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