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EBWU Annual Conference Warsaw-Radosc, Poland
10-13 October 2019

Programme of the Conference


14:00 - Registration

18:00 - Dinner

20:00 - 21:00




Introduction to the topic




8:00-9:00 - Breakfast

9:00 - Worship + devotion

9:30 - Introduction of the new EBWU committee


9:35 - Speaker - 2nd part of the topic

10:15 - Prayer in small groups

10:30 - Coffee break

11:00-12:15 - Speaker - about her ministry

Question and answer time

12:30 - Lunch

14:30 - EBWU information

14:45 - Workshops

15:30 - Coffee break

16:00 - Worship song

16:15 - Speaker 3rd part

16:45 - Question/answer

17:15 - Group photo

18:00 - Dinner

19:30 - Offering, sharing time and testimonies


Closing prayer


8:00-9:00 - Breakfast

9:00 - Worship+ devotion


9:30 - Speaker 4th part

10:00 - Prayer in groups

10:30 - Coffee break

11:00-11:45 - Workshop

12:00 - Lunch

13:30 - Sight seeing

18:00 - Polish dinner and Polish evening




EBWU Annual Conference Warsaw-Radosc, Poland 10-13 October 2019

Online registration form


Click here to read the Programme of the Conference

EBWU Annual Conference
Warsaw-Radosc, Poland 
10-13 October 2019

Fragrance of Christ  - 2 Corinthians 2:15




 Dear Sisters,  

lviv logo2018


 It is my great privilege on behalf of the new European Baptist Women United Committee to announce that we will be holding the Annual EBWU Conference in Waesaw-Radosc/Poland this year, from 10th -13th October 2019. The Polish Baptist Women’s Union has kindly offered to host us at the Baptist Conference Centre, which is also a part of the Baptist Seminary at Warsaw-Radosc (please see the link http://www.osrodek.baptysci.pl).

The theme of the conference will be, ‘The Fragrance of Christ’, inspired by the words from the Apostle Paul’s Second letter to the Corinthian church, 2 Corinthians 2:15: “For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing…”

Together we will explore as women of faith, what it means to be the ‘fragrance of Christ’ in a world that is perishing and in which, as the Apostle Paul tells us, we are to those who are perishing ‘an aroma from death to death’ while to those who are being saved ‘an aroma from life to life.’Michline Makkar

We have invited Mishline Makkar, a Lebanese missionary who lives and serves in Syria along side her husband. She will tell us what being ‘the fragrance of Christ’ means to the people of war-torn Syria and how her ministry is making a difference.

There will also be workshops on topics as varied and interesting as: ‘The Food that Jesus Ate’; ‘Hospitality in Biblical times’; ‘Essential Oils’; Let's help children to come to Jesus’; When God surprises you with an unexpected answer to prayer’ and more.
Alexandra Anderson

It promises to be an unforgettable experience as well as a
time to enjoy fellowship and to network with Christian women from Poland and all over Europe and the Middle East. So please do come and invite your friends. We would love to see you.

Rev. Alexandra Anderson, Secretary, EBWU


Dates: 10-13 October 2019
Place: Warsaw-Radosc, Poland
Venue: Baptist Conference Centre, Warsaw-Radosc, ul. Szczytnowska 35/39

210 Euro - Room with 3 beds and en suite shower.
195 Euro - Room with 3 beds and a shared exterior bathroom.

We invite you to register early - as there is only a limited number of rooms with en suite shower!

Registration deadline is 17th of September!




Ruth Madarova


 Power and beauty of hospitality in biblical times – how can it inspire us today?

We live in the era of deep individualism (we are not able to cooperate), estrangement (we are not able to share constructively) and shallowness (in relationships, education, free-time activities, ...). This attitude is also reflected in hospitality. We want to simplify everything, which is not bad, of course. But there is a danger that we will miss the original purpose and blessing that God has put into hospitality.
I invite you to get back to biblical times and look for the original intent for true hospitality because it is not just about meal and drink. It is something far more than this. Let´s reveal the secret together and find the beauty and power of God´s hospitality in its full understanding.


Cristina Pokidko

What Jesus Ate?
On the one hand, the modern world is imbued with the ideas of proper nutrition, following certain types of diets, on the other hand the shelves of modern European stores are crammed with a huge variety of food products.  The Bible in its turn calls us to imitate Christ in everything, to do everything from the heart, as for the Lord.  Standing in the kitchen at the stove, I often asked myself a question: WWJE -What Would Jesus Eat. I propose all those interested in this topic to join us in this reflection. See you.






Siham Daoud

Essential Oils were used therapeutically for centuries & today’s research confirm their amazing benefits.
Find out how to use & apply Essential oils.


Ewa Gutkowska


Let's help children to come to Jesus

This call is particularly related to helping children from dysfunctional families and struggling with various difficult experiences, for whom  the "fragrance  of Christ" is little or completely unknown.





Klaudia Wiazowska

When God surprises you with an unexpected answer to prayer
When we pray for something and God gives us an answer that we were not really prepared for how firm is our faith? How do we behave when we don't get what we asked for or when we are in trouble? In such circumstances are we still able to emanate that beautiful, positive peaceful fragrance of Christ? Or do we go our own way not trusting in God, and seek justice relying on earthly righteousness ? Are we really ready for God's answers to our prayers? These are some of the deep questions we will explore in this workshop. Come along and share your experience of how God answers prayer!




We encourage you to pay for the conference through Bank transfer:

"EBWU Annual Conference"
Account number: 272728.
Spar- und Kreditbank Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden eG.
Postfach 1262,
61282 Bad Homburg
IBAN: DE45 5009 2100 0000 2727 28









program (2)

70 Years Jubilee EBWU Conference
Lviv, Ukraine
20-23 September 2018

The programme of the conference

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The programme of the conference can be downloaded here


Thursday 20 September Friday 21 September Saturday 22 September Sunday 23 September
  7-8 am - Prayer in small groups 7-8 am - Prayer in small groups  
  8-9 am - Breakfast 8-9 am - Breakfast 8-9 am - Breakfast
  9 am - Worship
Morning Devotions
9 am - Worship
Morning Devotions
  9.30 am - Bible message +Discussion
Dr Ksenija Magda
9.30 am - EBWU Business Meeting  
  10.30 am Coffee/Tea Break 10.30 am - Coffee/Tea Break 10.30 am - Church Service Dedication of new Office Bearers
  11 am - Feedback from Discussion 11 am - Nomination Committee
Election of new Office Bearers

11.30 am - Antitrafficking
Rev.Dr. Lauran Bethell

  12 noon - Worship
Evelyn Tully – Tully Foundation Announcements
  12.30 pm - Lunch 12.30 pm - Lunch 1 pm - Lunch - in Church for everyone
3 pm - Registration 2.30 pm - Workshops 2.30 pm - Sightseeing
or Marketplace or Craft
2 pm - Meeting of old & new Committees - in Church
  4 pm - Coffee/Tea Break    
  4.30 pm - Workshops (till 6pm)    
6 pm - Dinner 6.30 pm - Dinner 6.30 pm - Special Dinner
Ukraine Evening
7 pm - Opening Ceremony
Worship Message: Aniko Ujvari EBWU President
8 pm - Praise & Prayer    
8 pm - Roll Call
9 pm - Virtual Tour of Corrie Ten Boom’s house
9.30 pm -Thanks
Closing Words

EBWU Election Conference Lviv, Ukraine (2)

Online registration form

Registration ends on 15 of August 2018

Click here to read the programme of the conference

70 Years Jubilee
EBWU Conference
Lviv, Ukraine
20-23 September 2018

Love one another! (John 15:12)





lviv logo2018

Click on image to download Conference Poster

Dear Sisters,
Greetings in Jesus name!

We wish to announce a very special time next year to which you are invited – an opportunity for you to share in the celebration of EBWU’s 70th anniversary.  We have chosen the inspirational topic ‘Love One Another’ which in many ways reflects the original goal of EBWU – reconciliation – bringing the Baptist women of Europe together in love, prayer and fellowship at a time when much of Europe was left devastated. Our desire remains one of reconciliation between our countries and between men and women and God.  

We are looking forward to having you or a representative from your country/union join. This is a great opportunity for us to come together, and we invite YOU to be with us. This will be a special time to give spiritual support and encouragement to the women who are facing a lot of hardship and difficulty. We will have great guests, a variety of workshops, and a good programme which will be crowned with our guests’ presence.

EBWU are pleased to announce details of our next five-years’ Conference.

Dates: 20-23 September 2018
Place: Lviv, Ukraine
Venue: Hotel Dnister, Street Mateijko 6, Lviv 79007
Theme: Love One Another

Cost: Registering before 1May 2018: double room 270 Euros; single room 390 Euros.
Registering after 1May cost rises to 290 Euros for double room.

The hotel chosen is a very nice one and provides a good atmosphere for our conference. Register early and save some money, if not you will have to pay the full price. (See registration button at the top of the page)

As in previous times we offer scholarship. You may tick the column for scholarship, but only a limited amount is available for this, so it is not possible to pay the full expenses of those who apply for this facility. As the conference is not until September there is time for you to try to raise funds for at least one person to come as your delegate, or perhaps your Baptist Union could support you. Perhaps you may be able to give financially so someone who cannot afford to come may be able to attend.

Also bear in mind when booking your flights that EBWU cannot pay for any extra nights if you have to come earlier and/or stay later than the conference.

We are sorry to have to tell you these things, but that is the way the funds are at present.

Again, we do hope to see you there to share and receive the blessings that the Lord is preparing for us in Lviv.

Yours in Christian love,
Margaret Brown, EBWU Secretary.


We encourage you to pay for the conference through Bank transfer:

"EBWU Election Conference"
Account number: 272728.
Spar- und Kreditbank Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden eG.
Postfach 1262,
61282 Bad Homburg
IBAN: DE45 5009 2100 0000 2727 28





Arabic Women’s Conference Larnaca, Cyprus

Online registration form

Arabic Women’s Conference
Larnaca, Cyprus
- October 6-8th 2017

Middle East Reformed Fellowship,
John Calvin Centre.

The theme is ‘Lift up your Eyes’ taken from Psalm 121. 

Cost for accommodation and meals for the conference is 210 Euros. A part scholarship is available for those requiring assistance; this is only available for those coming from the Middle East. If you can afford financially, please consider making a donation to our scholarship fund.

Accommodation consists of bunk style beds. Numbers are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Come, share, be encouraged.

Margaret Brown, EBWU Secretary


We encourage you to pay for the conference through Bank transfer:

"Arabic Women’s Conference" 
Account number: 272728.
Spar- und Kreditbank Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden eG.
Postfach 1262,
61282 Bad Homburg
IBAN: DE45 5009 2100 0000 2727 28

One Euro donation campaign


There are so many great projects that EBWU would love to support financially, such as summer camps for children in need, orphanages, rehabilitation centers for women and more. Due to lack in means, we need your help to make it happen.

What if we gave one Euro each?









One Euro from each of us can mean a lot. Together we can make difference.
You and your group can give your donations through our website.



Donation cancelled

Your donation has been cancelled. Thank you for your time.





If you wish to donate for the ministry of European Baptist Women's Union, you may do it online using your credit card through PayPal secure online payments system.
You may donate though your PayPal account, or if you do not have a PayPal account, you may use directly your credit card. 

Please do not forget to specify the purpose of you donation.




Thank you for your donations and prayers.









Thank you for your donation.  

Conference for women from CIS countries and Russia

For Interest and Prayer

EBWU have planned (with the help of the Russian women) a conference in Rucheek Centre, near Moscow, for 22-23 October 2016.
This conference is for women from CIS countries and Russia.

The speaker is to be Precy Caronongan of the Philippines who is the President of the Asian Baptist Women’s Union. We are hoping that a good number will attend.
We would value your prayers for this event. Thank-you.

Please check back later for further information.

Margaret Brown, EBWU Secretary

Program of the Conference

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Download the Conference program in printable pdf format 


Program of the Conference

Thursday 12th November
6.30 pm Dinner
8.00 pm Opening – Greetings
Roll Call
Friday 13th November –
8.30 am Breakfast
9.30 am Worship
10.00 am Arise! – Ksenija Magda
11.00 am Coffee
11.30 am Discussion Groups
12.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm Worship
EBWU Presentation
3.30 pm Fair/Mission (coffee during fair) display of national items and items for sale
5-6.00 pm Worship
6.30 pm Dinner
8.00 pm Day of Prayer Presentation
Exchange of Prayer Requests (given earlier)
Saturday 14th November –
8.30 am Breakfast
9.30 am Worship
10.00 am Shine! – Ksenija Magda
11.00 am Coffee
11.30 am Discussion Groups
12.30 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Visit to Ephesus
6.30 pm Dinner
8.00 pm Worship
Lord’s Supper
Sunday 15th November –
8.30 am Breakfast
9.30 am Worship
10.00 am Prayer Blessing
Asia, EBWU prayer partners for next 5 years
10.30 am Closing Devotions

Note: changes in the program may occur

turkey conference

Online Registration Form

Program of the Conference


EBWU Conference - Ozdere, Turkey
12-15 November, 2015

Dear Sisters,
Greetings in Jesus name!

I am here to give you more detailed information about our meeting in Turkey.

This event will take place in the PALOMA hotel, Ozdere. The full name of the hotel is PALOMA Pasha Resort, Ozdere - Izmir. The hotel is situated 1 Km from Ozdere city centre, 55 km from Izmir, 50 km from Adnan Menderes Airport, Izmir.
The hotel's website is: http://www.palomahotels.com/en/hotels/paloma-pasha-resort

The dates are: arrival on Thursday 12th, finishing with lunch on Sunday 15th November 2015. The theme is Arise and Shine with Dr Ksenija Magda of Croatia as the main speaker. It is planned that we bring you a taste of what we experienced in the Women’s leadership Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa this summer. For detailed program of the Conference click the link at the top of the page.   

The cost of the conference three nights stay will be 140 Euros for a double room. If you wish to stay in a single room the cost of the conference will be 205 Euros

The taxi fare is 100 Euros both ways from and to the airport. (50 Euros from the airport to Ozdere and 50 Euros back to the airport). As this is quite expensive I would encourage you to share with others rather than alone. We also hope to arrange a visit to Ephesus which will cost extra (approximately 60 Euros).

Please register no later than October 5th 2015, through our online registration form - click the button at the top of the page.

We look forward to having you or a representative from your women’s union sharing with us in Izmir.

May I take this opportunity to remind you that Ksenija will be installed as the BWA Women’s Department President in Johannesburg. I ask that you pray for her as she takes on this leadership role, and that you motivate your women to regularly pray for her when you meet together and individually. Thank-you.

I look forward to meeting you or your representative.

Love & Blessings,
Margaret Brown, EBWU Secretary


We encourage you to pay for the conference through Bank transfer:

"EBWU Conference Turkey"
Account number: 272728.
Spar- und Kreditbank Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden eG.
Postfach 1262,
61282 Bad Homburg
IBAN: DE45 5009 2100 0000 2727 28

EBWU resolution

EBWU Consultation in Crikvenica October 30 to November 02, 2014

In 2014, thirty-three European women from eighteen countries in Europe and the Middle East came together in the town of Crikvenica, Croatia for a three day Consultation Meeting to reassess the role of the European Baptist Women’s Union and determine the future work of the European Baptist women.

In August 1948 during the BWA Executive Meeting in London, England, several European women came together to discuss the possibility of a European fellowship of Baptist women. A proposal was made: ‘that a European Baptist Women’s Union be formed for the purpose of stimulating closer fellowship, greater co-operation, deeper sympathy for and understanding of mutual problems’. In no time a constitution was drawn up and agreed.

We Reflect on the first statement the women made in 1948 in London: “Facing the world…today, with its desperate need of faith, of hope and of love, we turn to our Heavenly Father for purification, for guidance and for strength. He has great blessings in store for us, which he is longing to give to us, but which can only given to us in answer to our prayers…..Let us, as European Baptist women, dedicate the first week in November as a week of prayer when we unitedly pray for each other and for all the world. Never is the fellowship deeper, richer and stronger than when we as one heart and soul are praying together.”

We Affirm the value of women, encouraging us to discover who we are in Christ, and dedicating ourselves to His purposes, according to the Scriptures:

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put My Spirit in you and move you to follow My decrees and be careful to keep My laws. You will live in the land I gave your forefathers; you will be My people, and I will be your God.” Ezekiel 36:26-28.

We Accept the challenges of a suffering world and how we deal with that as daughters of the living God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We Commit ourselves to pray for the determination and fulfilment of our calling as women individually and corporately in Europe and in the Middle East.

Registration to EBWU Conference - Crikvenica, Croatia - October 30-November 2, 2014

Online registration form


EBWU Conference
Crikvenica, Croatia

30th October - 2nd November, 2014

EBWU is planning a special time of prayer, discussion, brainstorming, seeking vision this autumn in Crikvenica, Croatia.

We wish to re-assess the role of EBWU and determine the way forward for the future of women’s work in Europe. The main facilitators will be Dr. Ksenja Magda, of Croatia, lecturer in New Testament Theology at the Croatian Baptist Seminary and Aniko Ujvari, President of EBWU.

Each union is encouraged to send their women’s leader to join with us; we value all our members and want to hear your thoughts and opinions on the ministry of women and of how EBWU can assist in this. We would like to have a good representation from across Europe.

The cost is 90 Euros per person for three nights stay. Unfortunately there is no scholarship available for this event; each woman is responsible for her own expenses.

As spaces are limited, to be sure of a place, please register preferably before 30th June,
through our online registration form at the top of the page.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

We encourage you to pay for the conference through Bank transfer:

"EBWU Conference Croatia" 
Account number: 272728.
Spar- und Kreditbank Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden eG.
Postfach 1262,
61282 Bad Homburg
IBAN: DE45 5009 2100 0000 2727 28

EBWU Election Conference, Hanover, Workshops

EBWU Election Conference,
May 30 - June 2, 2013, Hanover, Germany



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Workshop 1 [b]Michael Borkowski[/b]– Diaconic ministry in Hanover

The needy person comes first!
Diaconic ministry in the spirit of the gospel is a ministry for people whose needs are not recognised in a society. How do we realize which people are in need of support? What kind of help can a diaconic ministry provide? How can our churches support such a ministry?    

Some examples from the work of the Diakoniewerk Kirchröder Turm, Hanover:

  • Therapy for traumatised people
  • Young Care –  a ministry for young people who were badly injured
  • Return – a specialist department for people suffering from the excessive use of media (e.g. internet)

Michael Borkowski, born 1950. He is pastor and director of the Diakoniewerk Kirchröder Turm, an organisation for social services in Hanover. He is also mentor/counsellor , family therapist and traumatologist.



Workshop 2 – My life dream[b]Irmgard Neese[/b]

What moves us deeply we can communicate by using creative means. We become acquainted with a participative method of working with a mixed (language, age, level of education...) group of women.

Irmgard Neese leads the department for elderly people in the German Baptist union. As such, she is looking for new ways to work for and with people, who are in the second half of life.




Workshop 3
– With all my soul, body and spirit

To praise God with our body, and to show our joy by dancing – in this workshop we will discover new ways of expressing our faith.  A workshop for people who like to be in motion. It would be good to bring a pair of warm socks.

[b]Claudia Sokolis[br]_[/b] spacer [b]Tuula Bockemül-Simon[/b]

Claudia Sokolis was  born in 1973 and she is a pastor in Templin (Brandenburg) since 2006. She also teaches music & rhythm to children,  and it is important to her, that also adults learn to express their faith not only with soul and mind, but also with the body.

Tuula Bockemühl-Simon was born in 1974, of a Finnish mother and a German father. She has a Master's degree in Intercultural Studies.
Tuula is married and has two children. She loves to sing and play the violin in different worship teams. She also has discovered a passion for creative dance and its ability to activate the human being as an integral whole.



Workshop 4
– Fair trade, Micah challenge and more – how Christians can help to fight poverty

1.4 Billion people are suffering from extreme poverty – they have less than 1,25 US dollars per day. One reason for world wide poverty is the injustice in trade structures.  

Heike Heider and Nicole Witzemann will introduce the “Micah Challenge” and the fair trade initiative and will show up ways how Christians can help to fight injustice and poverty.

[b]Nicole Witzmann[/b] spacer [b]Heike Heider[/b]

Nicole Witzemann was born in 1975.  She is a pastor and she works for the Frauenwerk and for the ecumenical council in Berlin. She is married and has one son. As a teenager she lived in Nigeria for ten years. That experience made her aware of global issues such as poverty and justice.
Heike Heider worked for a fair-trade initiative in Marburg. Since then it is important to her, to make congregations aware of fair-trade issues. In February 2012 she has started a Micha-Challenge-local group in Marburg.




Workshop 5
– How Hannah learned to stand up and live![b]Margaret Lincoln[/b]
– A bibliodrama Workshop

Bibliodrama offers a wholistic approach to a biblical text. With the help  of body exercises and movement, role play and creative work, we will begin  to experience Hanna's wonderful process of "Standing Up" with all our senses and feelings. We will learn to bring our own story and Hannah's story together, to rediscover the moments in our own life where we may encounter God and begin to stand up again and live.

Margaret Lincoln M.A., author of two books, teaches Bibliodrama and other courses on spirituality at Stephansstift, Hanover. As a British native who has studied German language and literature, she is also an English Coach. She is married and has four daughters and six grandchildren.




Workshop 6 – When God Laughs with Us:[b]Lina Andronoviene[/b]Spirituality and the Gift of Humour

Humour is rarely seen as a significant part of our spirituality. Many of us can appreciate a good joke, but rarely do we think about any deeper meaning and function of humour in our Christian discipleship. In this session, we will consider humour as a gift and as a tool in opposing injustice and bringing changes in our own lives and the lives of others.

Dr. Lina Andronoviene is a Lithuanian, born in the port of Klaipeda, and since her early days has been involved in the life of the Baptist church there. She never thought she would be a theologian, and had focused her energies on English language, literature, and creative writing.

However, some years ago, due to an almost accidental visit to the International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS) in Prague, it dawned on her that theology did include literature and the rest of humanities, and two passions became one. Lina serves as Course Leader in Applied Theology at IBTS and is also Acting Director of the Non-Residential Bible School of the Baptist Union of Lithuania.

Contact information




Contact information

Please send your suggestions or material for the website to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bank Details

Spar-und Kreditbank Bad Homburg
Bank account number : 272728
IBAN: DE45 5009 2100 0000 2727 28
Bank account owner : Baptistische Theologische Hochschule (EBWU).
Address: Effingerstrasse 17, 3001 BERN, SWITZERLAND
For further information please contact 
Ligita Bodniece, EBWU treasurer:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.










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EBWU Committee Members


EBWU Committee Members

spacer Fabienne Seguin



Fabienne Seguin
Sotteville-les-Rouen, FRANCE
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Ruth Madarova  



Vice President:
Ruth Madarova
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Alexandra Anderson  



Alexandra Anderson
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Ligita Bodniece  



Ligita Bodniece
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





  Siham Daoud



Siham Daoud
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Cristina Pokidko  



Cristina Pokidko
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

























President's Message

Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer[b]Livija Godina[/b][br]EBWU President
Through the Fruit of the Spirit KINDNESS

My dear sisters in Europe!

It is thrilling that soon we will celebrate The Day of Prayer! We will come together in different places to worship our God. We will remember each other from different countries and continents.
The Caribbean Baptist Union has prepared this year’s program. I hope you have already translated it in your own language. You can find the program on webpage:

Our Prayer Partner for next 4 years till the next Congress is Latin America. The Baptist Women’s Union of Latin America (UFBAL) held a Leadership Conference September 15-18, 2011 in Panama City, Panama. There were 200 women in attendance from 20 of the 24 national Baptist women’s organisations. The theme was “Hacia un Compromiso con la Niñez en America Latina” (Towards a commitment with children in Latin America). You can read more www.bwanet.org, e-news. Pray for Marlene Baltazar, president.

BWA Women's Department Executive Board

Pray for Women's Department Executive Board
Left to right back row: Livija Godina (Lame), Europe; Linda Weber, North America; Motunrayo Adegbilero, Africa; Julie Belding, South West Pacific; Marlene Baltazar, Latin America; Yvonne Pitter, Caribbean; Shook Jae Lee, Asia.
Seated left to right: Patsy Davis, Executive Director; Raquel Contreras, President; Donna Groover, Secretary/Treasurer.
EBWU Committee in Tallinn, Estonia October 9, 2011

Pray for EBWU Committee (left to right): Margun Waren, Margaret Brown, Aniko Ujvari, Wies Dijkstra, Livija Godina, Erzsebet Vekas.

Just a few weeks ago we had conference in Tallinn, Estonia, we were together more than 50 participants from 20 countries. We are thankful to Estonian team for hard but wonderful job!

  • Pray for Middle East, for Palestinian Christians and all countries in this region. At the end of September EBF General council meeting took place in Israel and we met some Palestine leaders in Bethlehem, their cry was: don’t forget us!
  • Pray for Asia, BWA Annual gathering took place in summer in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, where Baptist Union was hosting us, but in reality they are China’s people, because Christianity is forbidden in Malaysia and they have underground churches.
  • Pray for Japan, when we were in Kuala Lumpur, three representatives shared how terrible is the situation where there was tsunami and nuclear reactor explosion, it has long term after-effects and they asked: don’t forget us please!
  • Pray for our new EBF president Hans Guderian who started his task in September, and for all EBF staff.
  • Pray for new leaders in Europe Baptist women’s unions, there were many conferences and congresses in October.
  • Pray for your own country and your leaders, and the future of women’s ministries in Europe.
  • Pray for revival in our hearts, that we could serve the Lord with pure heart and with joy because of Him. He is Worthy, He is Holy and it our privilege that we can serve Him through love.

Dear sisters, you see I am in trouble, there are many many -pray for… May God bless you and Holy Spirit leads in prayers!! We appreciate your Prayers and Prayer Day’s offering!

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Galatians 5,6

Livija Godina (Lame), President

P.S. You see that I have a new surname. Nothing bad has happened, but God has given me a gift and after being a widow for 7 years, I am married.



History of EBWU

Where we have come from...[b]Yona Pusey[/b][br]EBWU President[br]1998-2003

The birth of EBWU is a story worth telling.

In 1948 Baptist world leaders convened a meeting in London, England,to consider issues of peace and reconciliation with particular reference to post-war Europe. Countries were specifically invited to include women in their delegations.
The programme was a full one, but late one night the American and European women made time to meet in a hotel foyer in order to explore the possibilities of closer future co-operation.

Women whose husbands and sons had been fighting on different sides during the war came face to face with each other - and discovered two things: on the one hand they recognised an underlying desire for an increase in fellowship and reconciliation; but on the other hand many of the twelve or so women uncovered their feelings of anger and bitterness - the legacy of war.
Could any progress towards reconciliation be made even among this small group?

During the previous 40 years women on both sides of the Atlantic had cherished the dream of a world-wide fellowship of Baptist women. Poor communications and 2 world wars had postponed the dream several times, but here was an opportunity by God's grace not to be missed.
One of the American sisters was inspired to invite the group to stand in a circle and, while holding hands, to repeat the words of John 3.16 each in her own language... The Holy Spirit moved among the women; tears flowed and melted bitter hearts. A sense of unity in Christ and the reality of the love of God enabled them to overcome the past, and to lay the foundations for a new Europe-wide fellowship of Baptist women.

1948 - European Women meeting in London

Overnight it seems a constitution was drawn up, interim officers appointed,a conference planned for the following year, and the resolve taken to institute an annual day of prayer as a visible sign of the newly formed fellowship.

Throughout the next 40 years, against the background of a divided Europe, women in the western unions went from strength to strength. The regular conference programme was a continuing inspiration; new national women's groups were set up in several countries, and the day of prayer was faithfully observed (in company with women from around the world).
But always the prayer went up: "Lord give us fellowship with our sisters in eastern Europe." Various presidents established contact with women behind the iron curtain, but travel in both directions was almost impossible.

In 1987 EBWU elected its first President from a former communist country: Julia Gero of Hungary, who was able to travel extensively in the east, and who carried with her the assurance that the churches in soviet countries was not forgotten by the west.
The 1989 European Baptist Federation congress in Budapest welcomed several small groups from such churches, and later that year the whole of Europe rejoiced when the Berlin wall was dismantled.

At last the freedom to meet was technically present. Other aspects of freedom have not been so beneficial, but over the past decade it has become more possible for travel between east and west, although as late as May 2003 visa problems have been experienced.

In 2002 members of the EBWU committee were invited to Kiev, Ukraine, to participate with responsible sisters from several former soviet countries in their conference. The opportunity was taken to recount the story of EBWU, and to re-enact the founding, this time setting the scene for closer co-operation between east and west.

In 2003 our second "eastern" President was elected. Ewa Gutkowska of Poland has re-learnt her forgotten Russian, and this fact alone will ensure greater understanding and better communication in the future.

During the 1990s the opportunities of meeting were eagerly embraced. Sisters from both east and west discovered each other - and learnt that we have our differences! We are also learning to praise God for those differences: that is the way He has made us, and each can be enriched through a deeper understanding and tolerance. We accept each other in the love of Christ.
Whatever the next decade holds for EBWU, as the strong areas of women's mission and ministry move ever eastwards, we can know for certain that the God of peace will be with those who live and act as peacemakers.


Yona Pusey