News and Views
Editors: Margaret Brown
and Wies Dikstra
Editorial Office: Parcours 34, 9285 SC Buitenpost, the Netherlands
Biannual newsletter of the European Baptist Women's Union
Summer Edition 2011


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Table of Contents

Editorial - Margaret Brown

Presidential letter - Livija Lame

Committee meeting - Margaret Brown

Kiev Conference - Ewa Gutkowska

Evangelism in Russia - Natalya Kovalchuk

Sweden: Joint Church - Livija Lame

Visit to Lithuania - Livija Lame

Letter from Lauran

Window to the World

Danish Baptist Women visit Burundi - Karin Lignel Christiansen

Life and Work of Polish Baptist Women for the Lord - Anna Wisniewska

Conference of Slovak and Czech Baptist Women 2011 - Ruth Madarova

Prayer Requests



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